Governor Fletcher backs additional funds for the Horse Park.

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Governor Fletcher is pushing to get another $38 million to improve road infrastructure in the Kentucky Horse Park as well as to jump start the Newtown Pike improvements plus upgrading the currently planned arenas. This money would come from the $279 million surplus the state has with the expectation that this money would be available this year instead of having to wait to be put in as part of next years State budget. Indications are that the Governor is receiving recommendations to make the Kentucky Horse Park the top notch equestrian facility we know it can be. Even more to our delight the word has been put out that the State would be interested in landing future FEI World Equestrian Games. Now we will not take credit for seeding that idea but we are certainly going to do all we can do to see that goal accomplished.


Advisory commission named by Gov. Fletcher

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Not that we can take credit for it, but a week before Christmas, Governor Fletcher named a 35 member commission charged with a number of tasks but a key one is the education of the public on the importance of the games to the state.  This of course is one of our principal points for which this Citizen’s Action Group was formed because the success of the games is highly dependent on the support of the citizens of the Commonwealth.
Jim Newberry who is sworn in as mayor this weekend is on this commission and would look to play a major roll in this endeavor.  There is some speculation that Mayor-elect Newberry had some direct part in the formation of this commission as he has a great understanding of the impact of these games on Lexington and what is needed for them to be successful.  We do look forward to working with Mayor Newberry in making these games the great success that we know they can be for the total benefit of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Congratulations Mayor-Elect Jim Newberry

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The 2006 elections are over as are the distractions over who we would be working with to make the 2010 Kentucky World Equestrian Games a success. We offer congratulations to Jim Newberry on his win in the Lexington Mayoral race and look forward to working with him.

Mayor Isaac has said she will provide Mayor-Elect Jim Newberry with total support during the transition period which is wonderful news, though we are not surprised by her attitude. Though the Governor’s race won’t be decided for another year and it could prove quite contentious the hope would be that Mayor Newberry would be able to set the direction for what was needed in the way of infrastructure that the outcome of the Governor’s race would not affect all the work that has to be completed in a short time afterwards.


Road Rage

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Road rage is what the Lexington Herald titled the the political bickering going on between the political parties over the funding of the Newtown Pike expansion project.
Now, where I am going to take issue and hope everyone will call their State Representatives and the Govenor, is on the fact that we need to be moving forward and getting this road project underway.  Now the first part of the plan was to widen Newtown Pike from the interstate to Ironworks Pike and this is slated to be completed by 2010.  This isn’t such a big deal because there is easier interstate access off of I-75 North right at the Park entrance.
Now section 3 of this plan is what the $12.75 million that has vanished was supposed to be for.  Now in my opinion section 3 would be a nice to have but what is an absolute necessity is section 2.  Section 2 greatly improves Newtown Pike between the interstate and New Circle Road.  Without this improvement Lexington will largely be cut off from the Games because traffic is already so congested on Newtown, in 4 years its going to be a parking lot.
Lexington Herald-Leader article; Road rage on Newtown Pike


KY Legislative Session Opens

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Though education is what is drawing the initial buzz out of Frankfort to start the new Legislative session that opened today. Kentucky’s hosting of the 2010 World Equestrian Games is getting some press. Our concern however is still that now that we have won the bid those in government have decided the games are a long way in the future and that there are more pressing problems.

Though we understand that sentiment we still believe that the size of this project is going to require steady planning and execution over the next 4 years to be the success we know it can be for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Kentucky’s Legislature only meets for 60 day sessions every 2 years (2006,2008,2010) in order to draft the state budget for the most part and that has become an exercise in brinkmanship of the worst kind.

Currently there are no specific bills dealing with the games though Fayette and surrounding counties are readying their lobbying efforts to get State funding for projects that do have relevance to the games as reported in this Lexington Herald article.

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