Kentucky Horse Council: I will pay for someone’s new membership!

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I want to take a moment here at the end of the year to ask you the readers to consider joining the Kentucky Horse Council if you are not already a member even if you do not own horses in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Now I know in these tough economic times many of you may not be in a position to spend money on anything but the necessities and I understand that all too well.  So I want to help somebody out who has a love of horses and wants to get involved but has other responsibilities that must be met first.

So for 2012 I want to pay it forward.  Send me an email with the subject “Pay It Forward” as to why horses are important to you and that someday in the future you will do the same for someone else and I will pay the 2012 membership fee for the individual who sends me the most compelling email.

I will make my decision January 29th.

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas Paul Demond

Kentucky Horse Council – 2012 Membership Information

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2012 Membership Changes Header
2012 Membership
Cost & Types:
Association (New!):  $200 

Special Discount for 2011 Association Members: $100

Members of Associations Who Have Joined KHC (New!):

  • Individual:  FREE
  • Family:  FREE
*Insurance purchsed separately (New!) 

Business (no change):

  • 15 + Employees: $500
  • Less than 15: $150

Farm (no change):

  • 15 + Employees: $200
  • Less than 15: $50


Individuals without Membership in a KHC Member Association (New!):

  • Individual:  $20
  • Family: $30

*Insurance sold separately (New!)


Non-Profit (New!): $100

Youth/College: FREE

$1M Insurance Policy Now Purchased Separately
The $1Million Personal Equine Liability Insurance policy is now purchased separately from your membership. 

Insurance Premium to be added to an Individual Membership:  $35

Insurance Premuim to be added to a Family Membership: $55

In order to purchase insurance, you must first join KHC.
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The Two Biggest Membership Changes 

  1. If you are a member of an association that has joined the Kentucky Horse Council for 2012, you may join KHC for FREE!
  2. The $1M Liability Insurance Policy is now purchased separately from your membership.  It is still optional.

Free Membership for KHC Association Members 

If you are a member of an association that has joined the Kentucky Horse Council for 2012, you may join KHC for FREE!


This new membership setup will allow associationsor clubs to pay one membership fee of $200 and then all of their members can join the Kentucky Horse Council for no cost.


Additionally, if your association was a 2011 member, then their fee for 2012 will only be $100 instead of $200 as a thank you for renewing their membership.


We normally receive renewals from associations in January so please encourage your association to get their KHC membership in early.


To see a list of 2012 association members, click here.  This list will be updated as associations join KHC.


If you do not belong to an association or club that has joined KHC for 2012, then membership dues are $20 (individual) or $30 (family).


Due to allowing association members to join for free now, we will no longer be offering the $10 rebates to associations when their members join KHC.

The $1M Insurance Policy Now Purchased Separately from Membership 

One of our most popular membership benefits is the $1M liability insurance policy.  Due to the restructuring of our membership, the premium for this policy is paid separately from KHC membership dues.

So how can you buy the insurance?

  1. Join the Kentucky Horse Council.
    1. Individual/Family members of an association that is a KHC member: FREE
    2. Individual/Family Membership for someone who is not a member of an association that has joined KHC: $20/$30
  2. Purchase the $1M liability insurance policy. You must be a KHC Member in order to purchase this policy.  The website will require you to log in, in order to view the insurance page.

How Can You Join KHC? 

To join online, click here.


To print 2012 membership applications, click here.


If you have any questions, please contact Dawn at  info@kentuckyhorse.org or (859) 367-0509.

Other Changes for KHC Memberships 

All youth and college student memberships are now free.
A new benefit for memberships is a free $2,000 accidental death & dismemberment policy from American Income Life.
Another new benefit is access to a new “Members Only” section of the Kentucky Horse Council’s website, which will be available in 2012.
Non-profit memberships are now $100 instead of $50.

Farm and Business Memberships 


There have been no changes to the Farm Membership or the Business Membership.


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