T-1000 Days to Go

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The 1000 day countdown has begun to the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.  A pair of clocks were started today in downtown Lexington that will countdown to September 25, 2010, the start of the equestrian championships.  One of the clocks can be seen from eastbound Vine Street, the other from westbound Main Street.   

So with a 1000 days to go now the pace starts to pick up and with a new Governor and the 60 day regular legislative session to begin everyone is getting busy.


Governor Steve Beshear’s Inaugural Parade: “Kentucky First”

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I had the great honor today in being part of the Inaugural Parade for Governor Steve Beshear. Even a greater honor was that I got to carry the banner for the Parade’s Grand Marshall, Calvin Borel. Even before I knew what I was going to get to do in the parade I knew it was important, so when Gina Beard put out the request for Kentucky Horse Park volunteers to participate I jumped at the chance. For me this was important both as a Kentucky Horse Park volunteer as well as being a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels to show my support for Governor Beshear because of the emphasis he had given to the horse in this parade.

I wasn’t able to do an exact count myself but the news media was reporting that there would be around 150 horses in the parade and I would say there was every bit of that number. The Horse Park alone had some 30 horses in the parade, from every aspect of the Park. The weather turned out to be wonderful and it was a great time with all the horses there. Gina got a good turn out of volunteers so we had plenty of people so the day went smoothly and everyone had a great time.

So all and all it was just another fun day being a volunteer at the Kentucky Horse Park.


Two Years and the “run” has been established.

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Its been two(2) years since the announcement that Lexington, Kentucky would be hosting the 2010 World Equestrian Games. A lot has happened in that two(2) span and with only some thirty-three(33) months to go there is still much to be accomplished. However to borrow a football metaphor, you have to establish the run before you can start passing the ball effectively. That is to say that all the parties involved in one form or another have to work out the fundamentals of what is needed before they could successfully start working towards the goal of a highly successful event the size of the World Equestrian Games. With that said I think it is safe to say that for the most part the run has been established and the ball is being moved down the field.

One of the key accomplishments for the World Games 2010 Foundation so far was having Alltech step up as the title sponsor early on as this provides the business leadership for this kind of event. This leadership helps to get other major corporate interest involved which is necessary in bringing in the capital and logistical investment needed. Now in the last two(2) months the Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital has also stepped up as a major sponsor and you can expect to continue to see these kind of business leaders come on board as sponsors.

Another key area that the Foundation has succeeded in would be in filling the major personnel needs for the Games. Ultimately this may be the most important thing in the success of the Games is having GREAT people lead the way and for an event of this size and complexity you need quite a few.

Many other organizations and businesses including our own have also made great strides over the last two(2) years in coming up to speed to see that these Games are a Great Success for the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

In this next year I expect that things will really start to come together and everyone who hasn’t been talking about the Games will start to see the vision that many of us have for these Games start to become reality and they to will become excited and believers in what we Kentuckians can accomplish.

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