Road Rage

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Road rage is what the Lexington Herald titled the the political bickering going on between the political parties over the funding of the Newtown Pike expansion project.
Now, where I am going to take issue and hope everyone will call their State Representatives and the Govenor, is on the fact that we need to be moving forward and getting this road project underway.  Now the first part of the plan was to widen Newtown Pike from the interstate to Ironworks Pike and this is slated to be completed by 2010.  This isn’t such a big deal because there is easier interstate access off of I-75 North right at the Park entrance.
Now section 3 of this plan is what the $12.75 million that has vanished was supposed to be for.  Now in my opinion section 3 would be a nice to have but what is an absolute necessity is section 2.  Section 2 greatly improves Newtown Pike between the interstate and New Circle Road.  Without this improvement Lexington will largely be cut off from the Games because traffic is already so congested on Newtown, in 4 years its going to be a parking lot.
Lexington Herald-Leader article; Road rage on Newtown Pike

Count Down

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Construction funds for the Kentucky Horse Park.

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House Bill 380 (Kentucky State Budget FY 2007 – FY 2008) finally passed out of the House and to the Senate on March 8th, 2006 and referred to the Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee on March 10, 2006.
Included in the budget are the funds for construction at the Kentucky Horse Park.  $42,680,000 for the construction of the New Indoor Arena.  $27,500,000 for the construction of the Hotel/Conference Center.  $1,000,000 was reauthorized for the construction of a Permanent Seating Stadium Jump Area.
Of course until the budget passes the Horse Park Commission will not finalize the plans for these facilities and we have seen no mention when RFPs will be posted.

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