Fall Colors 2021: Start of the Season

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Its hard to believe its Fall in Kentucky given the warm temperatures, and though the temperatures are warm the days grow shorter and that brings on the amazing change of our Fall colors. Kentucky has been blessed with an abundance of foliage types that provide for a collage of colors and textures this time of year.

The warmth and abundance of moisture has slowed the process but it can’t stop it, so currently in Central Kentucky the colors are minimal and seem limited to our Poplars and Ash trees, with the primary color being yellow. In Kentucky the best place for early colors is South Eastern Kentucky where colors should be nearing their peak and it progresses to the North West over about 2 weeks, though based on what I am seeing the peak dates could be late by as much as 2 weeks. I will try and get out to a number of places to get pictures to document the change.

As for where to go see the colors, I am going to recommend a number of our State Parks for weekend getaways to see the colors over my next couple of posts. I will start with Pine Mountain State Resort Park because of its location and elevation should be seeing good colors. I will check with my sources over the next couple of days to get some more detailed information on the colors down there and see what the latest weather forecast is for the next weekend.

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Thomas P. Demond


New Horizons, The Kentucky State Parks! Part 1

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This blog obviously started out almost 16 years ago in support of Kentucky’s hosting of the World Equestrian Games and I have continued to push the idea of Kentucky hosting the games again should they ever be revived as a singular World Championship style event but I think its time to take a different direction, a new horizon you may say. The Kentucky World Equestrian Games in 2010 were an incredible event that I think show cased Kentucky in so many positive ways, but Kentucky has always been an amazing place and I am proud to have called it my home for nearly 40 years and so I am going to take my enthusiasm for Kentucky to hopefully get many of you to say, Ky WE GO as you plan your next adventure.

I am going to start with our Kentucky State Parks which I count as one of those undiscovered Gems that many people outside and are I say inside Kentucky do not know much about. Kentucky has 45 State Parks, which certainly isn’t the most in the U.S., but what we lack in numbers we make up for in family fun and new discoveries as everyone of our parks has something different to offer. One of the cool things about our State Parks goes back to the unique geography and ecology of Kentucky given its location on the North American continent. I am not going to go into great detail in this post on Kentucky’s geological history but it certainly plays a role in many of the great things to see at our State Parks. As for our people, my experience throughout life has been that Kentuckians are by and by a friendly people as are most Americans but you will almost have those bad apples that spoil the bushel, however the long term employees of our State Parks tend to be some of our finer individuals who find working at the parks to be rewarding beyond a simple paycheck.

I am not going to get to long winded (I know some of you are rolling your eyes at me saying that!) with this general opening overview because I want to get back to righting on a much more regular interval even as my life continues to be busy with a project I have been working on for several months that I will hopefully be able to reveal later in September. So stay tuned and for those that have been to our Kentucky State Parks drop me a line here as to your experiences.

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas P. Demond

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