The Passing of a Wonderful Kentuckian, Bill Keightley!

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Bill Keightley who was affectionately known as Mr. Wildcat as many now know passed last night at the age of 81.  I never had the honor of meeting Mr. Keightley in person but of course knew who he was and had met people over the years who had met him.  Certainly with all that is being remembered of him today and what I had heard of him over the years I have to think ultimately he is much more then just Mr. Wildcat he may be our greatest ambassador since Henry Clay.  My meaning is that where ever he went he seems to have made an impact and it was always good for Kentucky because he had such an open and warm personality.  He is the kind of Kentuckian we all should strive to be even though I know it may not be possible for any of us to ever achieve that pure level of friendship that he possessed but it is a noble goal.  My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends but my sympathies also go out to those of us who didn’t have a chance to meet him for the loss of a friend we will never get to know.

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Death of a Legend

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written by Leah L.
October 1989.

Three white socks and a fiery mane,
Thundering down the racetrack.
Come on now, you all know his name …

A legend on the racetrack.
Secretariat, Secretariat
A hero to all who saw you.
Secretariat, Secretariat
An idol to all who loved you.

A red flash flying down the stretch,
Dressed in the famous blue and white,
Pounding and pounding your life away with every stride.
You gave your all.
You gave the best of yourself.
You were special.
We all loved you and
Now you are gone.

You never went for second best.
You always put yourself to the test.
You were the best.
Just a bit better then all the rest.

Oh did you read the news today?
Another legend has passed away.
A red flash passing into the night,
Quickly galloping out of sight.

This poem was written as a tribute to Secretariat soon after his passing in October 1989. I post it here as a tribute to 3 great Thoroughbreds; Secretariat(1989), Mr. Jones(2006), and Barbaro(2007) whom we lost today. This poem was written by a friend of mine our freshman year in college.

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