Death of a Legend

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written by Leah L.
October 1989.

Three white socks and a fiery mane,
Thundering down the racetrack.
Come on now, you all know his name …

A legend on the racetrack.
Secretariat, Secretariat
A hero to all who saw you.
Secretariat, Secretariat
An idol to all who loved you.

A red flash flying down the stretch,
Dressed in the famous blue and white,
Pounding and pounding your life away with every stride.
You gave your all.
You gave the best of yourself.
You were special.
We all loved you and
Now you are gone.

You never went for second best.
You always put yourself to the test.
You were the best.
Just a bit better then all the rest.

Oh did you read the news today?
Another legend has passed away.
A red flash passing into the night,
Quickly galloping out of sight.

This poem was written as a tribute to Secretariat soon after his passing in October 1989. I post it here as a tribute to 3 great Thoroughbreds; Secretariat(1989), Mr. Jones(2006), and Barbaro(2007) whom we lost today. This poem was written by a friend of mine our freshman year in college.


Fortune – Report

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I arrived at the Hyatt about 7 am and was the 60th person in line. It was still almost 1 PM before I actually had my audition. The audition was our 60 second pitch followed by being asked a number of questions about our proposal. I felt it went very well so now we just have to wait to see what the result is which maybe a few weeks in coming. We are going to do our own video of our presentation and post it here for our members to review as we will be using this presentation in front of other groups as this year rolls on as part of our fund raising efforts.



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As a part of our fund raising campaign I will be pitching our endeavor at the auditions for the new NBC reality show “Fortune”. The auditions will be Sunday, January 7th at the Hyatt in Lexington from 9AM to 6PM for anyone else who wants to come out to pitch your own idea or come out and support me.


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Citizens dedicated to the success of the Kentucky World Equestrian Games 2010 and future for the benefit of all Kentuckians.


Happy New Year, 2007. Looking past, present and future.

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Happy New Year and best wishes to everyone as we learn from the past, live in the present and plan for the future.

In 2006 we worked to define what would be needed to make these games successful in the simplest terms. The simplest way to define that is that the games need to be cost effective in that for every tax dollar spent the citizens of the Commonwealth see a realized gain directly from the Games. This in a sense is a micro goal in that it deals strictly with the event itself.

The macro goal is how to have the event have a positive impact for every county in the Commonwealth going forward from the games. To see that happen one of our key goals for this year will be to grow our membership to more Kentucky counties with the ultimate goal being to have all 120 counties represented by December 31, 2009. This way individuals from every county who know what their county has to offer has the chance to participate in this great opportunity.

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