Happy New Year, 2007. Looking past, present and future.

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Happy New Year and best wishes to everyone as we learn from the past, live in the present and plan for the future.

In 2006 we worked to define what would be needed to make these games successful in the simplest terms. The simplest way to define that is that the games need to be cost effective in that for every tax dollar spent the citizens of the Commonwealth see a realized gain directly from the Games. This in a sense is a micro goal in that it deals strictly with the event itself.

The macro goal is how to have the event have a positive impact for every county in the Commonwealth going forward from the games. To see that happen one of our key goals for this year will be to grow our membership to more Kentucky counties with the ultimate goal being to have all 120 counties represented by December 31, 2009. This way individuals from every county who know what their county has to offer has the chance to participate in this great opportunity.

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