Blockbuster Exhibition Opens This Weekend!

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Acclaimed Exhibition Opens This Week
Prestigious American Museum of Natural History Sends its Blockbuster Exhibition to the International Museum of the Horse

LEXINGTON, Ky. (October 17, 2011)-The Kentucky Horse Park’s International Museum of the Horse (IMH), in collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History, is set to open its newest exhibition, The Horse, from October 22, 2011, through April 6, 2012.

The eternal bond between horses and humans is explored in the largest equestrian traveling exhibition ever assembled. The Horse graphically portrays the horse’s impact on trade, transportation, labor, warfare, culture, and sports.  It showcases spectacular fossils, models, dioramas, and cultural objects from around the world, including many from the American Museum of Natural History’s world famous collections.

Bill Cooke, director of the Kentucky Horse Park’s International Museum of the Horse, stated, “The American Museum of Natural History is truly one of the world’s great natural history museums, and they did a masterful job in developing an exhibition that not only illuminates the timeless union between humans and horses, but does so in an amazingly entertaining way.

“We are also excited that this will be our first blockbuster-level exhibition while schools are in session. I have no doubt that both teachers and their students will love The Horse.”

The New York Times called this exhibition “charming and illuminating” and “an uplifting example of how horses enrich our lives.”  The New York Post said, “You absolutely must see it.”

More than 140 artifacts and cultural objects from around the world will be on view, including a complete Samurai saddle from Japan, a full suit of 15th-century German horse armor, and Native American horse accoutrements. Bringing the exhibit to life are a stunning 220-square foot diorama that depicts the horse’s ancestors, a high-definition video that captures in slow motion the rippling muscles of a Thoroughbred race horse, and an interactive video of a life-size horse where visitors can investigate a horse’s pulmonary and digestive systems and other biological traits.

The Horse is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage, United Arab Emirates; the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Gatineau-Ottawa; The Field Museum, Chicago; and the San Diego Natural History Museum. Curator of the exhibition is Ross MacPhee.

For more information on The Horse, go to www.amnh.org/exhibitions/horse/, www.imh.org, or www.kyhorsepark.com.

Admission to The Horse is included with park admission, or a “museums only” ticket may be purchased for $8 for adults or $4 for children ages 7-12, which also includes admission to the entire International Museum of the Horse, the Al-Marah Arabian Horse Galleries and the American Saddlebred Museum.

Park Hours and Rates: Through November 6 (and March 15-April 6, 2012), the park is open seven days a week.  Admission is $16 for adults, $8 for children 7-12. From November 7 to March 14, the park is open Wednesdays through Sundays.  Winter admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children ages 7-12. Children age 6 and under are always admitted free of charge.  Admission includes the International Museum of the Horse – a Smithsonian Affiliate, and the American Saddlebred Museum.


Kentucky Proud Horses – How to Register

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There has been a lot of interest in the new Kentucky Proud for Horses
program.Kentucky Proud
The day of the announcement we added detailed info on how to apply to the Kentucky Horse Council website.  Here is that information, which is also found at http://www.kentuckyhorse.org/kentuckyproud/

Below are the steps you can follow to register your farm as Kentucky Proud:

1. Print out and fill out the Kentucky Proud Equine form. (link) This is a specially designed form just for equine farm applicants.

2. If you would also like to apply for a marketing grant through the Kentucky Proud program, also print and fill out the  Kentucky Proud Grant Application. (link) This form can also be found at http://www.kyproud.com/Members/index.htm. You may apply for a marketing grant at a later time as well.

3. Mail all forms to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.  They will verify your acceptance into the program and the status of your grant request.   Kentucky Department of Agriculture
Attn: Vicky Stucker
100 Fair Oaks Lane, 5th floor
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601


It generally takes 2-3 weeks to process a membership application. Any questions regarding membership should be directed to Ms Vicky Stucker at 502-564-4983 or vicky.stucker@ky.gov

As for the grant applications, those applications requesting less than $5,000 can be reviewed immediately. Those requesting more than $5,000 must be reviewed by the Kentucky Proud Executive Committee which meets once a month, generally the first Tuesday of each month. Any questions regarding the Kentucky Proud grant application should be directed to Mr. Bill Clary at bill.clary@ky.gov or 502-564-1137.


I have connected Google Plus to my Kentucky World Equestrian Games Ovation blog,…

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I have connected Google Plus to my Kentucky World Equestrian Games Ovation blog, so this is a test post to see it in action.


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One year has past…

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Today marks one year since the close of the Alltech 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games.  At the start of the Games there was a question of whether they would be a success, by the end I think the general consensus was that they were at least a success from the “on the ground” prospective.   When the final economic report came out, the overall numbers were also positive as far as the local economic impact.  One year past I still get the sense from talking to people that the positives outweighed the negatives but there isn’t a real urgency to try and get the Games back for 2022 and certainly not 2018.  That I do find a bit disappointing but, I will work to change that prior to 2016 when we would need to submit a bid for the 2022 Games.

As always I want to thank everyone who has and continues to support me in this endeavor, even when it seems all an uphill battle.

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas Demond


BREAKING NEWS… Horses Added to Kentucky Proud Program

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Lexington, KY (October 6, 2011) — The Kentucky Department of Agriculture, the Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP), and the Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) announced today that horses have been added to the Kentucky Proud program. As new members of Kentucky Proud, horse farms in the Commonwealth will be eligible to receive financial grants from the state Department of Agriculture, will be eligible to participate in a cost-share program, and will be able to use the Kentucky Proud logo in advertising their equine products.

The Kentucky Proud program was created to promote Kentucky-agricultural products.  Over the years, the program has grown significantly and now includes businesses that support and sell Kentucky products as well as those that promote the concept of buying agricultural products from Kentucky.

“Both KEEP and KHC have worked for years to promote Kentucky’s equine industry,” said Patrick Neely, KEEP Executive Director. “The addition of horses to the Kentucky Proud program will allow Kentucky horse farms to apply for grants and to grow their businesses by joining the well-known Kentucky Proud advertising and marketing initiatives.  We appreciate that the Kentucky Department of Agriculture has taken this important step to assist our signature industry and the thousands of jobs it creates.”

Anna Zinkhon, President of the Kentucky Horse Council Board, added: “The Kentucky Horse Council is glad to partner with KEEP on this important new program.  Two years ago my predecessor, Madelyn Millard,, initiated the idea by approaching KDA regarding a Kentucky Proud for Horses. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s interest in adding horses to this highly successful agricultural program enhances our farms’ abilities to market their horses nationally and internationally.”

Individually, farms should contact KEEP or the Kentucky Horse Council for applications and more information on the Kentucky Proud program.  Forms may also be found on the Kentucky Horse Council website at www.kentuckyhorse.org/kentuckyproud/. Once approved, farms will have access to all the services and support that the Kentucky Department of Agriculture gives to members of that program, including marketing assistance and product promotion, as well as participation in a cost-share program.  “In working with KEEP and KHC to add horses to the program, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture is expanding its support for Kentucky farmers,” commented Richie Farmer, Commissioner of Agriculture.  “Kentucky is known for its equine industry.  We are excited to have these producers add their horses to our list of Kentucky Proud products.”

Formed in 1972, The Kentucky Horse Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated, through education and leadership, to the protection and development of the Kentucky equine community.   For more information on KHC, visit www.kentuckyhorse.org, email info@kentuckyhorse.org or call 859-367-0509.

KEEP was formed in May 2004 to promote and protect Kentucky’s horse industry. For more information on KEEP, visit  www.horseswork.com, email info@horseswork.com or call 859-259-0007.

To learn more about being a part of Kentucky Proud program, contact Cara Stewart with KEEP (cstewart@horseswork.com) or Ginny Grulke with KHC (director@kentuckyhorse.org).

For Kentucky Proud Equine forms, you may visit the Kentucky Horse Council site at www.kentuckyhorse.org/kentuckyproud/

Kentucky Proud is the official farm marketing program of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Kentucky Proud generated more than $200 million in retail sales of Kentucky farm products just through member retailers in 2010. More than 2,800 farmers, processors, retailers, restaurants, school districts, farmers’ markets, Kentucky state parks, and Kentucky Farm Bureau roadside markets are members of Kentucky Proud. For more information about Kentucky Proud, contact Bill Clary, Kentucky Proud program manager, at 502-564-1137 or bill.clary@ky.gov.



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Kentucky Horse Park Receives Last of Exotic Marwari Horses in North America

LEXINGTON, KY (September 29, 2011) The Kentucky Horse Park will welcome four rare Marwari horses on permanent loan from Francesca Kelly, who imports this breed from India.  Three of the horses arrived Tuesday, September 27.

The horses came from Kelly’s farm on Chappaquiddick Island off the coast of Massachusetts.  Francesca Kelly is a writer who is dedicated to preserving the breed and has increased the number of these horses outside their native India.  She is moving her herd to England and is allowing the park to keep three mares and a yearling.  The Kentucky Horse Park is the only known location in North America where Marwari can be seen by the public.

John Nicholson, executive director of the park, stated, “We are delighted and honored that Francesca Kelly has chosen the Kentucky Horse Park as the keeper of the last, precious band of these rare equines on this continent. They will be treasured by our staff and enjoyed by the literally millions of park visitors who will see them in the upcoming years.”  He continued, “We applaud the efforts of people like Ms. Kelly who dedicate their lives to preserving rare and endangered breeds.”

The Marwari horse was used hundreds of years ago as warhorses known for their extreme endurance.  The Marwari are considered very brave and athletic horses. They are attentive and pick things up quickly through their senses. Visitors at the park during last year’s Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games watched “tent pegging” demonstrations using some of Ms. Kelly’s Marwaris.

The most noted fact about this breed is their extremely distinct ears.  The ears curve inward and sometimes touch or overlap when in front position.  The ears are the main characteristic that the registry uses to judge this breed.

The breed is available in all colors but the albino is held in highest regard.  The albino Marwari is often used for religious purposes and ceremonies in its native home of India.  They often become very attached to their handler and can become protective of them.

The three Marwari mares are on view to the public during park hours.  The fourth, a yearling colt, will arrive later this fall.

Park Hours and Rates: Through November 6, the park is open seven days a week.  Admission is $16 for adults, $8 for children 7-12. From November 7 to March 14, the park is open Wednesdays through Sundays.  Winter admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children ages 7-12. Children age 6 and under are always admitted free of charge.  Admission includes the International Museum of the Horse – a Smithsonian Affiliate, and the American Saddlebred Museum.

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