One year has past…

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Today marks one year since the close of the Alltech 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games.  At the start of the Games there was a question of whether they would be a success, by the end I think the general consensus was that they were at least a success from the “on the ground” prospective.   When the final economic report came out, the overall numbers were also positive as far as the local economic impact.  One year past I still get the sense from talking to people that the positives outweighed the negatives but there isn’t a real urgency to try and get the Games back for 2022 and certainly not 2018.  That I do find a bit disappointing but, I will work to change that prior to 2016 when we would need to submit a bid for the 2022 Games.

As always I want to thank everyone who has and continues to support me in this endeavor, even when it seems all an uphill battle.

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas Demond

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