Pine Mountain State Resort Park – Part 1

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Pine Mountain State Resort Park opened in 1924 and has the distinction of being Kentucky’s first State Park. Though it maybe our oldest State Park the accommodations are not dated and I certainly would recommend it having visited it earlier this summer. The 30 room Herndon J. Evans Lodge is the primary lodging within the park, there are also 21 Cabins on the grounds as well. The lodge is situated in such a way that all the rooms have wonderful views from their balconies looking roughly south-west down the valley. The Mountain View Restaurant is attached to the lodge and also takes advantage of this view and seats 125 people. I also highly recommend the food, we generally had both breakfast and dinner there as we were out exploring at lunch so made other plans. I will save the recreation activities for my next post and will end this post with the general contact information and website.

Pine Mountain State Resort Park
1050 State Park Road
Pineville, KY 40977
Phone: 606-337-3066
Email: rita.jackson-edmondson@ky.gov
Website: https://parks.ky.gov/pineville/parks/resort/pine-mountain-state-resort-park

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