Charter Formalized

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For all, let it be known; 

The members of this group believing in the responsibility of citizen’s of the Commonwealth of Kentucky to be active in the betterment of Kentucky, wishes it be known that our goal in supporting the Kentucky World Equestrian Games Organization(KWEGO) is our belief that the endeavors set forth here serve that purpose.
We believe that what is good for the horse community(horses) in Kentucky is good for Kentucky because horses have always been good for Kentucky.  Our first mission is to see that the FEI 2010 games are successful both in execution and presentation of the Commonwealth of Kentucky while utilizing tax payer monies in a way that benefits all citizens of the Commonwealth.  A key to the success of these games is to educate the citizens of the Commonwealth that these games benefit all Kentuckians not just horse owners and enthusiasts and not just those people local to the Kentucky Horse Park and Lexington.
Our second mission is to develop the Kentucky World Equestrian Games as an ongoing event occurring every 4 years starting in 2015 there by not coinciding with the FEI games or the Summer Olympic games.  The future Kentucky World Equestrian Games would continue to show case Kentucky for all the world to see and would continue to bring benefits to the citizen’s of Kentucky for many generations to come.
Our third mission would be to pursue a host bid for the Summer Olympic games with a desired target date of the 2032 or 2036 games.  The first two missions would go a long way to show Kentucky’s capability to host a Summer Olympics as well as to establish much of the infrastructure and logistics requirements to win a bid.
Kentucky’s proud heritage has always been  interconnected with that of the horse.  And going forward it should be expected that our collective well being as citizen’s of the Commonwealth of Kentucky be built on that great foundation that has been so wonderfully laid down by those who have come before us.


Looking for more members.

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Now that things are getting better organized we are looking for additional members. To quote Tubby Smith, all starting positions are open in order to provide a totally open organization dedicated to the success of the Kentucky World Equestrian Games. In the short term if you are interested simply send an email to Administrator@kentuckyworldequestriangames.org.


Expected Attendance Increased

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Sources reported today that Jim Host has said that the original estimate of 300,000 for the games was very conservative and that attendance may go as high as 500,000 to 600,000. This would literally be a doubling of the Lexington Fayette County population. I have not heard if a similar increase in revenue generated or cost of the games should be expected based on this new estimate.

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