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I finally made the time to get out to the Kentucky Horse Park last week for an
interview with the Director of Volunteers about volunteering myself. The Director
of Volunteers, Georgina “Gina” Beare was delightful in personality and very
knowledgeable of the Horse Park. She has put together a volunteer program that
looks to be very well organized and designed to be flexible to meet the needs
of the volunteers and the Horse Park . I came away definitely energized to
volunteer and feeling good that my volunteering could
make a difference. Now I just have to fill out a little paper work and decide
in which position I want to volunteer.

So I want to encourage as many of you as possible to do the same, whether you
are a horse person or not there is a wide range of volunteer positions, and if just
the pure act of volunteering isn’t enough, there are perks provided to recognize
your help.

Gina’s contact information is below:
(859) 259-4267 or (800) 678-8813 Ext. 267

The volunteer program is wholly supported by the
Kentucky Horse Park Foundation and does not use tax payer money.
The Kentucky Horse Park Foundation’s mission is to “expand and enhance the
Kentucky Horse Park” . The Kentucky Horse Park Foundation fills a great need
in that the Commonwealth of Kentucky budgets limited funds primarily for the maintenance of the Horse Park. It is with private donations and the support of
volunteers that the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation works to make the
Kentucky Horse Park a premiere equine facility that continues to attract
large numbers of tourist every year that makes it vital to the economy of

So again, I would like to encourage all of you with an interest in volunteering
for a good cause to contact Gina and see how you can make a difference.

As always thanks for your support.

Thomas Demond
Founder KYWEGO

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