Volunteer Update

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Wanted to provide an update on my volunteering activities at the Kentucky Horse Park as I have now volunteered 3 Saturdays and can report with a little more of an informed position.

I took an assignment in the Parade of Breeds Barn because for a horse person it is one of the coolest aspects of the park. So far my duties have included holding horses for the farrier, a very necessary job though not the most exciting, bringing in horses from out in their pastures, grooming horses and working the gates during the shows. The full time staff has been wonderful and very helpful to work with while I learn my way around the barn. The horses have also been great and its like any other barn I have worked in that they all have their own distinctive personalities.

So far my experience has been great, no surprise there, and as always I recommend others to give it a shot. That is one last thing I should say about volunteering, is there is nothing run with giving it a try and deciding afterwards that it is not for you, its better to give it a try and decide its not for you then to never try and never know if you are missing out on a great experience in your life.

I have some other updates concerning other things going on with the group and the games that I will have to get posted soon so stay tuned and thanks for all of your interest in our humble endeavor.

Thomas Demond
Founder KYWEGO

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