John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption Fair

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I haven’t had much time to volunteer this summer so I made sure to make the 2nd Annual John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption Fair Saturday, June 27th. I volunteered last year for the 1st Annual so I plan on making this an annual event to volunteer for.

The horse’s were showcased this year at the Breed’s Barn which I find more quaint and hospitable to the Covered Arena. I was told there would be 25 horses showcased from a number of organizations but didn’t do a final count because I had heard a number of horses were adopted in the days prior to the event which is a good thing. The number of people attending seemed less then last year but the crowd still seemed enthusiastic about the event and I do believe this is one of those events that will grow over time and my guess would be by the time the 10th one rolls around this maybe a whole weekend event.

There also was a silent and live auction to raise money for the Kentucky Horse Council’s Save Our Horses Campaign. I did some bidding in the silent auction and managed to win a pair of Polo lessons. I will have to write about the outcome of those lessons as I have never played Polo but I am very interested to give it a try.



John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption Fair : Outcome = A+

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The Kentucky Horse Park hosted the 1st Annual John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption Fair today.  This was a wonderful event that I got to be a part of as a Kentucky Horse Park volunteer.  Originally it was going to be held in the Breeds Barn where I normally volunteer but because of weather concerns it was moved to the indoor arena.  The event got a wonderful response with probably nearly all the volunteers at the Horse Park showing up as well a good number of the public for the first ever event.  There was also a great turnout from the rescue/adoption agencies themselves and they all provided a lot of information to all of us on the great work they are doing and their needs.  I look forward to being a part of the 2nd Annual John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption Fair next year.

To close I have to quote something John Nicholson said, “We believe the responsibility for the welfare of horses falls squarely on the shoulders of every Kentuckian, because every Kentuckian benefits from the horse industry,” and “It is clearly within our power to fix this. It should be within our hearts as well.”  Those are bold statements but I applaud Mr. Nicholson for those bold words and for his bold actions.

Thomas Demond
Founder KYWEGO

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