Jack Kelly Resigns

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It hit the airwaves late today that Jack Kelly, CEO of the World Games 2010 Foundation has submitted his resignation effective July 31, 2008. Little explanation beyond personal reasons was given for what appears to us on the outside to be out of the blue but I am one that believes that people do not have to give detailed reasons when they resign such a position. Jack Kelly will be missed, no doubt about that but with a little more then two years to go until the Games there is enough time for the board to appoint someone else with hopefully little negative impact to the course of the Games success. In truth I believe Mr. Kelly did the honorable thing in that he had some questions about his ability to stay with this through its completion and so chose to resign now in order to minimize his loss in such a key role. So I give my thanks and appreciation to Mr. Kelly for all that he has done for the Games and wish him all the best in the rest of his life.

Thomas Demond


Happy 4th of July

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I wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July.  Because of what the 4th of July celebrates, our Independence, I am able to post these words for everyone to read without fear of censor by the Government.  I am also able to pursue the success of the Kentucky World Equestrian Games in an environment that not only supports but natures the ideas of free people to be successful.  So on this and everyday I am happy and proud to be an American.

Thomas Demond
Founder KyWEGO

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