Volunteer for the Games.

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The World Games Foundation has activated the Volunteer Recruitment website.  I was able to register the first day it was up, not sure the reason, but was able to register today.  I signed up as a General Volunteer for now, but you have the ability to pick the specific discipline(s) you would like to work with.  They do ask for your background in each of the disciplines in order to judge your suitability for those positions.  The link to the registration site is provide below and as always I recommend volunteering out at the Horse Park now prior to the Games.  I will have further updates on my own volunteering and the needs of our organization.

Click the image below to volunteer!


The Bluegrass Horse Meetup

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Click here to check out
The Bluegrass Horse Meetup!


Lots going on.

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I wanted to post a quick update because there is lots of news and we are busy putting together some meetings of our own. 

I have as I suspect many of you have been keeping up with all the news on the State’s finances and the current wrangling over the State Budget.  I need to sit down and go back through all of it and talk to some of my sources before I comment.  At the moment I am not too worried because all the powers in Frankfort know the importance of the Games and I see them making the hard decisions to see that these Games are a success. 

As far as our little organization it is being to come together and we are working on having some public meetings and getting out more in the public to get more people involved.  I will get more news and analysis up over the next couple of days.


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