Governor Steve Beshear’s Inaugural Parade: “Kentucky First”

Posted in Governor Beshear at 11:51 pm by Thomas

I had the great honor today in being part of the Inaugural Parade for Governor Steve Beshear. Even a greater honor was that I got to carry the banner for the Parade’s Grand Marshall, Calvin Borel. Even before I knew what I was going to get to do in the parade I knew it was important, so when Gina Beard put out the request for Kentucky Horse Park volunteers to participate I jumped at the chance. For me this was important both as a Kentucky Horse Park volunteer as well as being a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels to show my support for Governor Beshear because of the emphasis he had given to the horse in this parade.

I wasn’t able to do an exact count myself but the news media was reporting that there would be around 150 horses in the parade and I would say there was every bit of that number. The Horse Park alone had some 30 horses in the parade, from every aspect of the Park. The weather turned out to be wonderful and it was a great time with all the horses there. Gina got a good turn out of volunteers so we had plenty of people so the day went smoothly and everyone had a great time.

So all and all it was just another fun day being a volunteer at the Kentucky Horse Park.

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