KY Legislative Session Opens

Posted in Government, News Worthy at 10:51 pm by Thomas

Though education is what is drawing the initial buzz out of Frankfort to start the new Legislative session that opened today. Kentucky’s hosting of the 2010 World Equestrian Games is getting some press. Our concern however is still that now that we have won the bid those in government have decided the games are a long way in the future and that there are more pressing problems.

Though we understand that sentiment we still believe that the size of this project is going to require steady planning and execution over the next 4 years to be the success we know it can be for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Kentucky’s Legislature only meets for 60 day sessions every 2 years (2006,2008,2010) in order to draft the state budget for the most part and that has become an exercise in brinkmanship of the worst kind.

Currently there are no specific bills dealing with the games though Fayette and surrounding counties are readying their lobbying efforts to get State funding for projects that do have relevance to the games as reported in this Lexington Herald article.

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