Advisory commission named by Gov. Fletcher

Posted in Government, News Worthy at 2:16 pm by Thomas

Not that we can take credit for it, but a week before Christmas, Governor Fletcher named a 35 member commission charged with a number of tasks but a key one is the education of the public on the importance of the games to the state.  This of course is one of our principal points for which this Citizen’s Action Group was formed because the success of the games is highly dependent on the support of the citizens of the Commonwealth.
Jim Newberry who is sworn in as mayor this weekend is on this commission and would look to play a major roll in this endeavor.  There is some speculation that Mayor-elect Newberry had some direct part in the formation of this commission as he has a great understanding of the impact of these games on Lexington and what is needed for them to be successful.  We do look forward to working with Mayor Newberry in making these games the great success that we know they can be for the total benefit of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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