Congratulations Mayor-Elect Jim Newberry

Posted in Announcement, Government, Lexington, News Worthy at 10:31 am by Thomas

The 2006 elections are over as are the distractions over who we would be working with to make the 2010 Kentucky World Equestrian Games a success. We offer congratulations to Jim Newberry on his win in the Lexington Mayoral race and look forward to working with him.

Mayor Isaac has said she will provide Mayor-Elect Jim Newberry with total support during the transition period which is wonderful news, though we are not surprised by her attitude. Though the Governor’s race won’t be decided for another year and it could prove quite contentious the hope would be that Mayor Newberry would be able to set the direction for what was needed in the way of infrastructure that the outcome of the Governor’s race would not affect all the work that has to be completed in a short time afterwards.

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