Kentucky Equine Survey

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Urgent: Need Participation from KY Horsemen

Dear Kentucky Horsemen (and women):

For the first time in 35 years, Kentucky will do a full, statewide survey of ALL BREEDS AND DISCIPLINES OF HORSES, PONIES, MULES, and DONKEYS.  Getting accurate figures for our horse community is critical to developing plans to improve the industry, access more trails and equine facilities, assess equine business opportunities, and get public officials’ attention.

This survey is being done by the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville, in partnership with the Kentucky Horse Council and the National Agricultural Statistics Service.  To read more about the study, go to http://www2.ca.uky.edu/equine/kyequinesurvey.


Our deadline is February 17th, 2012. 

This survey can only be effective if we have a comprehensive list of horse owners and equine farms and facilities in the state.  This needs to include the many people in our state who keep horses for recreational purposes and do not have equine-related businesses.

The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) Kentucky Field Office,  a Kentucky-based USDA unit which has responsibilities for surveying other livestock entities, will be handling the polling and survey mailing.   The questions for the survey have been developed by UK, UofL, and KHC.

We are requesting that you submit your name and contact information to NASS. Note that none of these names will ever be released to any other organization; not UK, not KHC, not any Kentucky agency.  NASS has a privacy policy for all of its activities which can be found here:  http://www.nass.usda.gov/About_NASS/Confidentiality_Pledge/index.asp.

We make this request because we believe so deeply in the need for this survey to be accurate and complete.  At the end of the survey, we will have good estimates on:

  • How many horses of each breed are in each Kentucky county
  • How many horses are used in each discipline in each Kentucky county
  • The economic impact on Kentucky as a whole from the equine industry

To send your name to NASS for the survey, please fill in the form at this link: 


Note: Even though this form is on the Kentucky Horse Council website, the information is sent ONLY to NASS.

Thank you.  The cooperation and participation of the equine industry is critical to the success of this study.  The study will be the basis for further activities to enhance horse ownership and the horse industry in Kentucky.


Anna Zinkhon, President                                                    
Kentucky Horse Council Board                                
 Dr. Nancy Cox, Associate Dean
UK College of Agriculture, Equine Initiative

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Kentucky Horse Council: I will pay for someone’s new membership!

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I want to take a moment here at the end of the year to ask you the readers to consider joining the Kentucky Horse Council if you are not already a member even if you do not own horses in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Now I know in these tough economic times many of you may not be in a position to spend money on anything but the necessities and I understand that all too well.  So I want to help somebody out who has a love of horses and wants to get involved but has other responsibilities that must be met first.

So for 2012 I want to pay it forward.  Send me an email with the subject “Pay It Forward” as to why horses are important to you and that someday in the future you will do the same for someone else and I will pay the 2012 membership fee for the individual who sends me the most compelling email.

I will make my decision January 29th.

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas Paul Demond

Kentucky Horse Council – 2012 Membership Information

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2012 Membership Changes Header
2012 Membership
Cost & Types:
Association (New!):  $200 

Special Discount for 2011 Association Members: $100

Members of Associations Who Have Joined KHC (New!):

  • Individual:  FREE
  • Family:  FREE
*Insurance purchsed separately (New!) 

Business (no change):

  • 15 + Employees: $500
  • Less than 15: $150

Farm (no change):

  • 15 + Employees: $200
  • Less than 15: $50


Individuals without Membership in a KHC Member Association (New!):

  • Individual:  $20
  • Family: $30

*Insurance sold separately (New!)


Non-Profit (New!): $100

Youth/College: FREE

$1M Insurance Policy Now Purchased Separately
The $1Million Personal Equine Liability Insurance policy is now purchased separately from your membership. 

Insurance Premium to be added to an Individual Membership:  $35

Insurance Premuim to be added to a Family Membership: $55

In order to purchase insurance, you must first join KHC.
QuickLinksQuick Links

The Two Biggest Membership Changes 

  1. If you are a member of an association that has joined the Kentucky Horse Council for 2012, you may join KHC for FREE!
  2. The $1M Liability Insurance Policy is now purchased separately from your membership.  It is still optional.

Free Membership for KHC Association Members 

If you are a member of an association that has joined the Kentucky Horse Council for 2012, you may join KHC for FREE!


This new membership setup will allow associationsor clubs to pay one membership fee of $200 and then all of their members can join the Kentucky Horse Council for no cost.


Additionally, if your association was a 2011 member, then their fee for 2012 will only be $100 instead of $200 as a thank you for renewing their membership.


We normally receive renewals from associations in January so please encourage your association to get their KHC membership in early.


To see a list of 2012 association members, click here.  This list will be updated as associations join KHC.


If you do not belong to an association or club that has joined KHC for 2012, then membership dues are $20 (individual) or $30 (family).


Due to allowing association members to join for free now, we will no longer be offering the $10 rebates to associations when their members join KHC.

The $1M Insurance Policy Now Purchased Separately from Membership 

One of our most popular membership benefits is the $1M liability insurance policy.  Due to the restructuring of our membership, the premium for this policy is paid separately from KHC membership dues.

So how can you buy the insurance?

  1. Join the Kentucky Horse Council.
    1. Individual/Family members of an association that is a KHC member: FREE
    2. Individual/Family Membership for someone who is not a member of an association that has joined KHC: $20/$30
  2. Purchase the $1M liability insurance policy. You must be a KHC Member in order to purchase this policy.  The website will require you to log in, in order to view the insurance page.

How Can You Join KHC? 

To join online, click here.


To print 2012 membership applications, click here.


If you have any questions, please contact Dawn at  info@kentuckyhorse.org or (859) 367-0509.

Other Changes for KHC Memberships 

All youth and college student memberships are now free.
A new benefit for memberships is a free $2,000 accidental death & dismemberment policy from American Income Life.
Another new benefit is access to a new “Members Only” section of the Kentucky Horse Council’s website, which will be available in 2012.
Non-profit memberships are now $100 instead of $50.

Farm and Business Memberships 


There have been no changes to the Farm Membership or the Business Membership.



Kentucky Proud Horses – How to Register

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There has been a lot of interest in the new Kentucky Proud for Horses
program.Kentucky Proud
The day of the announcement we added detailed info on how to apply to the Kentucky Horse Council website.  Here is that information, which is also found at http://www.kentuckyhorse.org/kentuckyproud/

Below are the steps you can follow to register your farm as Kentucky Proud:

1. Print out and fill out the Kentucky Proud Equine form. (link) This is a specially designed form just for equine farm applicants.

2. If you would also like to apply for a marketing grant through the Kentucky Proud program, also print and fill out the  Kentucky Proud Grant Application. (link) This form can also be found at http://www.kyproud.com/Members/index.htm. You may apply for a marketing grant at a later time as well.

3. Mail all forms to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.  They will verify your acceptance into the program and the status of your grant request.   Kentucky Department of Agriculture
Attn: Vicky Stucker
100 Fair Oaks Lane, 5th floor
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601


It generally takes 2-3 weeks to process a membership application. Any questions regarding membership should be directed to Ms Vicky Stucker at 502-564-4983 or vicky.stucker@ky.gov

As for the grant applications, those applications requesting less than $5,000 can be reviewed immediately. Those requesting more than $5,000 must be reviewed by the Kentucky Proud Executive Committee which meets once a month, generally the first Tuesday of each month. Any questions regarding the Kentucky Proud grant application should be directed to Mr. Bill Clary at bill.clary@ky.gov or 502-564-1137.


BREAKING NEWS… Horses Added to Kentucky Proud Program

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Lexington, KY (October 6, 2011) — The Kentucky Department of Agriculture, the Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP), and the Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) announced today that horses have been added to the Kentucky Proud program. As new members of Kentucky Proud, horse farms in the Commonwealth will be eligible to receive financial grants from the state Department of Agriculture, will be eligible to participate in a cost-share program, and will be able to use the Kentucky Proud logo in advertising their equine products.

The Kentucky Proud program was created to promote Kentucky-agricultural products.  Over the years, the program has grown significantly and now includes businesses that support and sell Kentucky products as well as those that promote the concept of buying agricultural products from Kentucky.

“Both KEEP and KHC have worked for years to promote Kentucky’s equine industry,” said Patrick Neely, KEEP Executive Director. “The addition of horses to the Kentucky Proud program will allow Kentucky horse farms to apply for grants and to grow their businesses by joining the well-known Kentucky Proud advertising and marketing initiatives.  We appreciate that the Kentucky Department of Agriculture has taken this important step to assist our signature industry and the thousands of jobs it creates.”

Anna Zinkhon, President of the Kentucky Horse Council Board, added: “The Kentucky Horse Council is glad to partner with KEEP on this important new program.  Two years ago my predecessor, Madelyn Millard,, initiated the idea by approaching KDA regarding a Kentucky Proud for Horses. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s interest in adding horses to this highly successful agricultural program enhances our farms’ abilities to market their horses nationally and internationally.”

Individually, farms should contact KEEP or the Kentucky Horse Council for applications and more information on the Kentucky Proud program.  Forms may also be found on the Kentucky Horse Council website at www.kentuckyhorse.org/kentuckyproud/. Once approved, farms will have access to all the services and support that the Kentucky Department of Agriculture gives to members of that program, including marketing assistance and product promotion, as well as participation in a cost-share program.  “In working with KEEP and KHC to add horses to the program, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture is expanding its support for Kentucky farmers,” commented Richie Farmer, Commissioner of Agriculture.  “Kentucky is known for its equine industry.  We are excited to have these producers add their horses to our list of Kentucky Proud products.”

Formed in 1972, The Kentucky Horse Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated, through education and leadership, to the protection and development of the Kentucky equine community.   For more information on KHC, visit www.kentuckyhorse.org, email info@kentuckyhorse.org or call 859-367-0509.

KEEP was formed in May 2004 to promote and protect Kentucky’s horse industry. For more information on KEEP, visit  www.horseswork.com, email info@horseswork.com or call 859-259-0007.

To learn more about being a part of Kentucky Proud program, contact Cara Stewart with KEEP (cstewart@horseswork.com) or Ginny Grulke with KHC (director@kentuckyhorse.org).

For Kentucky Proud Equine forms, you may visit the Kentucky Horse Council site at www.kentuckyhorse.org/kentuckyproud/

Kentucky Proud is the official farm marketing program of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Kentucky Proud generated more than $200 million in retail sales of Kentucky farm products just through member retailers in 2010. More than 2,800 farmers, processors, retailers, restaurants, school districts, farmers’ markets, Kentucky state parks, and Kentucky Farm Bureau roadside markets are members of Kentucky Proud. For more information about Kentucky Proud, contact Bill Clary, Kentucky Proud program manager, at 502-564-1137 or bill.clary@ky.gov.


KHC Equine Industry Planning Session

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I had the great opportunity to be a part of the Kentucky Horse Council Equine Industry Planning Session today at the Fayette County Extension Office.    This was scheduled as an all day event starting at 8 AM so it was wonderful to see a solid group of close to 50 participants.  This was a varied group across all areas of the horse industry from Thoroughbred breeders and members of several Equine Departments of our major Universities and Colleges to small local organizations like myself representing the Fort Harrod Back Country Horsemen.

The facilitator was Colonel Walter Herd (Retired U.S. Army) who is also on the KHC Board.  He did an excellent job and was very engaging which set a very positive tone for the day.  The primary topics of discussion were coming up with ideas to bring Kentucky closer to that idea of a “haven for horses” that we all dream of by developing the “culture of the horse in Kentucky”.  Ultimately in simple terms, we are the Horse Capital of the World, which is derived from the impact of the Thoroughbred Horse, how do we expand that definition to be all inclusive of everything Equine in the State or at least that was my take.

I am not going to go into all the details because there was lots of great discussions and ideas.  One tidbit I will report on, we did hear from a member of KEEP that the Kentucky Proud Program was being expanded to include horses and that specific program would be called Kentucky Bred.

At the end of the day we voted on all of these and the KHC is going to digest those results and come up with an action list to start working on in November when they are planning on scheduling the next set of meetings.  I will report on what comes out of those meetings as we get more concrete objectives to act on.

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas Demond


USEF to Host U.S. Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup Luncheon

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Saddle Seat USALexington, KY – The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) is teaming up with the USEF Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup Committee to celebrate the U.S. Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup Team’s accomplishments during the 2010 Saddle Seat World Cup Competition held in Shelbyville, KY, last September.

A special luncheon will be held to provide awareness about the Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup Program. Guests will be able to meet team members who have participated in prior years and learn about what it takes to participate as a U.S. Team member, as well as how to support Team efforts.

The luncheon will be held at 12 p.m. on Monday, July 11, 2011, in the Round Barn (Floral Hall) at the Red Mile in Lexington, KY. The cost is $30 per person, and the total amount raised will benefit the 2012 USA Saddle Seat Team. Seating is limited so advanced reservations are recommended.

In March 2011, USEF announced its role in fielding and supporting the U.S. Saddle Seat Equitation Team for the Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup. The Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup competition is held bi-annually, and is scheduled for December 2012 in South Africa. The selection criteria for team competition will be available to the public soon.

If you are interested in attending the luncheon or providing support for the team efforts, please call the USEF Customer Care Center at 859-258-2472.For more information about the U.S. Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup team, please visit the USEF website’s Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup page.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Lori Nelson, USEF Assistant Executive Director, National Affiliates, at lnelson@usef.org.


Volunteers Needed to Assist with Stream crossing Improvements at Eagles Nest Equestrian Trails

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Harrodsburg, KY, April 4, 2010 – Members and friends of the Fort Harrod Back Country Horsemen (Ft. Harrod BCH) are converging on Eagle’s Nest Equestrian Trails in Harrodsburg on April 10 – 11, 2010 to repair water crossings.

The group of central Kentucky equestrian trails enthusiasts has been instrumental in maintaining trails at both Eagles Nest and Shaker Village since their inception two years ago.

The upcoming work weekend will focus on rebuilding two creek crossings to properly maintain water flow and reduce erosion and mud.  The project requires rock and other materials which are being purchased through a grant from the Tractor Supply Company and the American Quarter Horse Association.

Heavy equipment including a bobcat and tractor will be used to transport rock to the work areas and do the strenuous digging.  Volunteers are needed to back dig the crossings, shovel rock, and perform other related tasks.  Greenline Implement of Danville is donating the use of a used tractor for the weekend.  Regular Eagles Nest camper, Brad Rogers of Nelson County, will supply and operate the bobcat.

Ft. Harrod BCH members, Dennis Blackburn the Eagles Nest Trail Boss and Cory Bloyd of Watermark Construction, planned the trail crossing improvements in accordance with practices employed by nationally renowned trail design expert, Mike Riter.  Both Blackburn and Bloyd completed an intense course of study on building and maintaining sustainable trails with Riter.

“We are very fortunate to have members with trail master certification which qualifies them to develop plans for sustainable trail improvements,” said Ft. Harrod BCH President, Brian Rogers. “We’re asking anyone who rides at or enjoys Eagles Nest to bring their tampers, shovels, and wheelbarrows and support this important improvement.”

The work weekend is scheduled on Saturday April 10, 2010 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. with a potluck lunch and on Sunday from 1-5 p.m.  In the event of rainfall the work weekend may be postponed.  To volunteer or for more information contact trail boss, Dennis Blackburn, at 859-613-2665 or hardrockfarm@gmail.com.

The Fort Harrod Back Country Horsemen is a local affiliate of the Back Country Horsemen of America.  The member based association of trail enthusiasts works in Central Kentucky to develop and maintain sustainable trails, build land use relationships, and provide educational opportunities.  For more information or to join the Fort Harrod Back Country Horsemen visit www.kybch.com or contact Brian Rogers at rogers1822@roadrunner.com or 859-806-8267.


Fort Harrod BCH Enlists Oxen to Help Clear Trail Areas

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Harrodsburg, KY, January 12, 2009 – A local team of oxen, owned by Fort Harrod Back Country Horsemen (Ft. Harrod BCH) member Brian Rogers, will work with trail enthusiasts on February 7-8, 2009 to clean out an old dump site at Eagle’s Nest Equestrian Trails in Harrodsburg.  The site primarily contains old tires which work crews will dislodge and load onto a sled pulled by the trained steers.  

Rogers’ oxen currently are used for light farm work including pulling a chain drag, pulling logs, moving stones and feed, and more.  The two-and-a-half year old pair has been working in yoke for the past two years and travel annually to participate in the Midwest Ox Drover’s Gathering in Scotts Michigan. 

“By using oxen to remove the debris we hope to limit the impact on the environment and minimize damage to the vegetation.  This is also a great way for us to incorporate the use of draft stock in our trail maintenance efforts,” stated Emily Dennis, President of the Ft. Harrod BCH.   

The tires will be removed from the Cornishville Road area of Eagle’s Nest to a proper disposal location.  Eagle’s Nest Trail Boss, Dennis Blackburn, is currently working with other Ft. Harrod BCH members and the local community to identify a low cost or no cost recycling or disposal alternative for the tires. 

Eagle’s Nest Equestrian Trails is closed for both January and February to reduce impact and erosion to the trails.  The scheduled work days are to be conducted on foot and without horses. 

Individuals wishing to join the trail clean up efforts will be shuttled from the pavilion at Eagle’s Nest to the clean up site.  Clean up efforts begin at 10 a.m. with a midday lunch break featuring potluck chili.  Participants are asked to bring prepared chili to mix and heat at the work site or an appropriate side dish and their own non-alcoholic beverages.  RSVP to confirm attendance by contacting Dennis Blackburn at 859-613-2665 or hardrockfarm@gmail.com.  

For more information or to join the Fort Harrod Back Country Horsemen contact Emily Dennis at edennis@fewpb.net or 502-330-8798 or Dennis Blackburn at hardrockfarm@gmail.com or 859-613-2665.


Kentucky Horse Park 2008 Media Day

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The Kentucky Horse Park hosted the 3rd Annual Kentucky Horse Park and National Horse Center Media Day.  For anyone in the media this is a great learning experience on all that is the Kentucky Horse Park no matter if you are in Equine media or not and I highly recommend it.  The day started out with a number of breed and discipline demonstrations in the covered arena. 

Patricia (PJ) Cooksey discussed (from horseback) the many aspects of the Kentucky Racing Commission and the changes that have been implemented this year.  She was well received and answered a number of good questions.  Dr. Nathan Slovis gave an in-depth demonstration of the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute Equine Ambulance with audience participation.

It was then on to the Club Lounge for lunch with John Nicholson in which he presented his vision of unity throughout the horse industry that the Kentucky Horse Park is facilitating by currently being the headquarters of 33 Equine Organizations both big and small.  He pointed out that for every employee the Horse Park employees the private organizations there employ 3.  He also pointed out that the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games will be viewed by some 500 Million people around the world and that for many of them this will be their first discovery of Kentucky. 

John’s passion for the Kentucky Horse Park is always palpable and he summed up the role of the Kentucky Horse Park by saying he expects people to come to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in 2010 and fall in love with Kentucky and that some of those people will then move their business’ to Kentucky.  There is no question that I agree with that sentiment and that these Games are the most significant thing to happen to Kentucky since the birth of Abraham Lincoln.

After lunch we received very nice Gift bags provided by the United States Dressage Foundation that had all kinds of cool stuff in them.  We then loaded onto a motorcoach sponsored by Kentucky Horse Council for a tour of the park and the ongoing construction of the new park facilities.  Currently the Horse Park is booked for 3 years into the futures and there is an event going on at the Horse Park every weekend but 2.  Nina Bonnie Blvd, the main East-Main thoroughfair through the Horse Park is going to be widened and will be the main pedestrian thoroughfair for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in 2010. 

We saw the new indoor arena which is well underway and scheduled to be in use by June 2009 with shows allready booked for it next summer.  The arena will have seating for 7,000 with 40,000 sq ft of exhibitor space and will host the Reining and Vaulting for the Games.  We then moved on to the TRF-Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center which works to re-school racehorses and find them new homes.  Susanna M. Thomas is the Director of the Center and is a wonderful great advocate for this wonderful endeavor.  As she put it, “Every Horse has a Story”.  Our next stop was the new facilitiy under construction for the Central Kentucky Riding for Hope.  Pat Cline provided us with all the good work the CKRH does and that part of the reason for their great success was the 280 active volunteers they had last year.  As always I will say, here is another great cause for those of you looking to volunteer.

To finish up the day we headed over to the Combined Driving Event that is going on at the Horse Park through the weekend.  On our way we past the location for the new Outdoor Stadium which is starting to take shape and is on schedule to be completed next year.  It will have permanent seating for 7,500 and be expandable to hold 27,500 for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

I want to give a special thanks to Lisa Jackson who was a gracious host and provided a number of us rides to different area’s of the park at the end of the day.  I also want to thank the sponsors which allow the Kentucky Horse Park to put on this event for no charge to the Media, I for one am greatly appreciate for this opportunity.  I look forward to seeing everyone out there again next year.


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