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I am not sure amazing is the word I want to use to describe the thought that’s it’s been 10 years since the close of the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games that we all so affectionately called the Games and were so proud of. Ten years really isn’t such a long time, we actually had 5 years before that to prepare for the Games and we thought that was a lifetime to wait. What probably is amazing is how much my memory of the Games remains with me. The Games lasted 16 days, I was there 14 of those days, 12 as a volunteer so I really got the opportunity to be immersed in them. My security badge still hangs here by my desk as a reminder, Lyle Lovett was gracious enough to sign it after his concert closing night. I will always feel sentimental about those Games, and I still hold onto the hope that one day we can bring them back to Kentucky. I realize some of you will say that is probably a long shot, and I would agree, but sometimes long shots are the best kind.

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas Paul Demond

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