Leap Year 2016: A Day

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As today is an extra day of sorts, I thought I would use it to stray from my normal discussions that revolve around the World Equestrian Games or horses in general.  Not to say I haven’t strayed before but in a way this day is meant to be a day we should all use for things out of the ordinary.  I for one am a geek, I like to say I got into computers to pay for my horse habit, which is very much the truth.  So for me I took a day of vacation, because as I look at it, its an extra day in the year I should enjoy it.  Now that isn’t to say I didn’t do work today or that even my nine-to-five job from which I took a vacation day I do not enjoy and would call work a four letter word, though technically it is, my point being is, I took a vacation day not so much to get away from work as to explore the idea of taking a day to consider what a day represents.  I didn’t ride today but I did get to ride yesterday because of taking today off so that got this day started off right.  I don’t know that I would say today was Earth shattering but it did have its moments of clarity in a number of areas.  In regards to my efforts in seeing the Games come back to Kentucky, it certainly has given me solace to continue, not that I was really looking to stop but at times I have to wonder if I am the only person who really thinks this is important, I know that’s not the case but others tend to be much more reserved in being public about it.  In my case I have come to realize that is my purpose, to be an advocate for returning the Games to Kentucky and that requires me to be public in this way.

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas P. Demond

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