Bromont wins the 2018 Games!

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So the announcement came out earlier today and as many of you can guess, my disappointment was significant.  I really did believe in my heart and soul that we would win the bid to host the World Equestrian Games again in 2018 and even in my very logical brain I could easily support the argument for why Lexington was the logical choice.  Now with that said, the one argument that I always knew undid the rest of the logical reasons why the Games should come back to Lexington was the very fact that we had had them only 4 years before.  This actually is a real factor, though its impossible to judge the real impact on the decision but you can not discount it.  In the end I don’t look at why we didn’t win the Games to look for something wrong in the past, I look at this as a way to be better in the future.

I want to first and foremost congratulate and wish Bromont and Canada as a whole Great Success with these Games and if there is anything I can offer to help I will be glad to.  As I have said many times before, I am passionate about these Games, as a Horse person its just an awesome concept, and I always want to see them be successful whether they are in Lexington or not.  I actually hope that the Games in Normandy are better than they were in Lexington and that the Games in Bromont are better than Normandy.  This is how you keep anything going, event, business even your personal happiness, you have to keep setting the bar a little higher each time and this makes us strive to want to do these things.  My real concern for the Games is that they are not successful one year and everyone who is of a negative personality piles on and says see, the Games are not worth it and people stop wanting to pursue the Games.

So going forward, my plans haven’t really changed.  I will continue to pursue opportunities that help me be successful and help me to pursue bringing the World Equestrian Games back to Lexington, whether that is sooner or later, I will persever and I will see the Games back here.

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas P. Demond


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