Alltech National Horse Show sets the stage for WEG 2018!

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I took my family out to the Alltech National Horse Show yesterday and can say we had an excellent time.  We had tickets to both the Kentucky Savor Event in the afternoon as well as for the $250,000 Grand Prix so we had a full day at the Alltech Arena.  I was actually surprised at the crowds in the Arena, though I guess I shouldn’t as Alltech has added a lot of different events and activities in and around the Arena so there is a little something for everyone.  Again, this should not be anything that surprises me because Alltech as an extension of Dr. Lyons leadership backed by his passion and imagination looks to always learn from what they have done in the past and improve on it.  This is why I came away from the show last night being even more certain that Kentucky would be successful in winning the bid for the 2018 Games.  Alltech set the stage for what they and Kentucky have to offer for the 2018 Games, which is leadership built on a passion and imagination that has led to the success at Alltech and the success of the 2010 Games.

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas P. Demond

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