Cross Country Day Survey.

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I am sure most of you who go out to the Kentucky Horse Park for the Cross Country Schooling days have already seen the notice that next Sunday’s (July 7th) Schooling Day has been cancelled.  I recently finished my first Dressage Show with my new horse Di’s Dr. Schumocker(TJ Monty) and was hoping to get out there next weekend just to hack around a bit and see how how he did.  So now we are left with a single remaining date, Saturday September 7th, so expecting the turn out to be pretty good based on what I hear from others as I have not had to opportunity to make one of these in the past.  So I am planning on getting out there for that last date, because it should be fun and this would be a great event to ask those of you who do these both your thoughts on what is more important for Kentucky as Horse Capital of the World, getting the World Equestrian Games back at some future date, say 2022 or 2026 or focusing on these kind of smaller fun uses of our equine facilities and really promoting Kentucky as a State that horse people come for a vacation with their horses.  I know many of you will say why don’t we do both, and I think that question comes down to utilizing a finite amount of resources to their maximum potential and that is usually best served by a focused goal of what you want to accomplish.  I will put a survey together with questions that more clearly ask the specific questions related to that base question.

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Thomas P. Demond

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