Cool Spring – Hot Derby

Posted in Kentucky Derby, Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event at 10:33 pm by Thomas

It’s amazing that we are at the end of April and we are still getting bouts of pretty cool weather for this time of year, especially compared to what we had this time last year.  I made all 4 days of the Kentucky Rolex Three-Day Event and Cross Country day was actually chilly at points, though I think that was a good thing for the horses, certainly better then temps in the 80’s.

The good news has been we have had no hard freezes like we did several years ago after having a month of near 80 degree weather, that was devastating to the foliage at the time.  Pastures are coming back strong, especially Bluegrass which loves the warm days and cool nights.  Also we have been getting abundant rain which will help to mediate any potential drought concerns for this summer should the weather finally turn hot.

As for the Kentucky Derby, the weather is expected to be cool and rainy which should make for an interesting race, and with the track sloppy Normandy Invasion could be the one to beat.

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