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Last night I had the enjoyment of attending my first National Horse Show after having heard of this show for the last 30 plus years.   Of course it is now known as the Alltech National Horse Show and was hosted at The Kentucky Horse Park. It is certainly one of the successes to come out of hosting the 2010 Alltech FEI World Games and we are thrilled to have it in Kentucky.

Onto the show itself, it was all general admission seating, unless you had connections to have a box seat at the end of the arena, but that also required suit and tie and after a busy Saturday not sure I really would have been up to getting all dressed up. We arrived a little earlier so we actually picked out some pretty nice seats on the upper end of the arena. There wasn’t a crowd but the arena was filled to a nice capacity and I would expect after a few years of Kentucky hosting it we would get capacity crowds.

I will admit my one goof of the night was buying my tickets through TicketMaster online @ $37.50 each, when we could have purchased them for $30 at the window. Of course I am one of those people that likes to have his tickets in hand before I go to an event, but a 25% premium gets my attention, especially when part of that you don’t see until you actually hit the submit button. Of course TicketMaster isn’t in the business of making friends, they are in the business of making money.

Now onto the competition, the horse and riders were of excellent caliber and did not disappoint. We had 31 competitors total and 5 had clear rounds within the 81 second time allowed to make it to the Jump Off. The Jump Offs are always what I think first attracts non-horse people to watch show jumping even if they never take up riding themselves. It was great to watch Jessica Springsteen(daughter of Bruce) riding Cincinatti Le Silla take 3rd with an excellent ride. This young lady is not 20 yet so I would expect her to win this before she is 30 easily. I know we had a blast and this will certainly be one of those annual events for our family.

I won’t type out the full results because you can find them here.

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Thomas P. Demond

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