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Today marked my 8th day volunteering and the 11th day overall of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.  It amazing to arrive at the Kentucky Horse Park early in the morning, even before traffic control, though there is already a lot of people working in the Park.  Right now the Park doesn’t sleep, there is always something that has to be done and with any major event now a days, security is present around the clock.

I have now worked primarily in 3 areas, the Main gate, the Athletes gate and the area around Main Stadium.  Today I was back at Main Stadium and with a Morning and Afternoon Show Jumping sessions and Para-Dressage going on just down the way in the Covered Arena the morning was hectic but enjoyable.  As I have seen throughout my time volunteering the volunteers and staff are both flexible and resourceful which is always a great asset because in any event this size you are going to have those things that come up on a daily basis that have to be dealt with on the fly.

Now before everyone thinks its all work and no play, I did get to see Mario Deslauriers on Urico during my break have an excellent ride today, yesterday he won the individual Gold Medal in Speed Jumping.  He did have 2 rails down but compared to some of the crashes I saw, his ride was nearly flawless,  and the U.S. team is currently sitting 3rd on the leader board after today.  The team competition final is tomorrow with there now being an afternoon session added to get to the top 10 will compete tomorrow night.  Information on the added session can be found here, but the good news is, if you hold a ticket for the evening event it will get you into the afternoon session as well.

I have also been drawn into the Pin craze, if that’s what you call it.  Apparently most of the athletes come with a sizable bank of pins to start and generally I haven’t even had to ask, I help someone out and they give me a pin so  I have managed to gather a small collection, I say small compared to some of my volunteer friends who are sporting quite the collections now.  The pin that is in rare supply, is the South African pin, and I know of no one who has it though I did have South African team members say that they did have some just not on them one day that I did ask.  Obviously for those who don’t know me, my wife is South African and we had our wedding in South Africa almost 9 years ago, so it is certainly the Country pin I would love to land.

This week through Closing Ceremonies I am working all 1st shifts,yesterday and today that meant being at the Horse Park at 6 AM, starting tomorrow I have to be out there at 5 AM.  So this post is the last thing I am doing before I head off to bed so I am keeping it short.

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas Demond

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