Volunteering: Day 4

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My experience volunteering has been great so far, getting ready to head out for Day 5.  Yesterday I had an early morning shift and was out to the Kentucky Horse Park at 5 AM.  It was certainly cool, temps were in the mid 40’s and after the 90’s we have had recently it was a bit of a shock when I first started walking from Spy Coast parking, but by the time I got to the volunteer center I had warmed up.  The volunteers I have met so far have been good people, most but not all have some background in horses but its cool to know that there are others out there, that have come to volunteer because they also believe the World Equestrian Games are a good thing for Kentucky and they want to be a part of it.

Speaking of being a part of it, Monday night, walking back to my car at 10 PM, when all the crowds had already left, I got the most amazing sense of being a part of something special.  It was that Magic that I have always spoken about in regards to Kentucky and these Games, and when you feel it, there is no missing it.

Well, I am off to my shift, hope to see you all there!

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas Demond

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