Volunteering: Day 1

Posted in 2010 Games, Updates, Volunteerism, World Equestrian Games at 10:59 am by Thomas

My first day volunteering was about what I expected, actually it went better then I expected though I did spend 8 hours standing on asphalt at the first security check point prior to the Main Entry.  From my station I was directing people to the Main Entry or the ticket office if they didn’t have tickets, and I can say the ticket office stayed busy all day which is a very good sign for the numbers.  The video I saw of the Main Stadium showed that the stands were pretty full, so guessing their had to be more then 15,000 spectators which is a very good sign.  At the start of the month there was only a little more then 10,000 tickets sold for Opening Ceremonies so the fact that there was over a 50% increase in 3 weeks time bodes well for the rest of the Games because its an indication of the economy and that people are wanting to buy their tickets on the day of as opposed to prior to an event.  So I would not expect the numbers to be as dire as what was said at the beginning of the month and I think there is a good chance everyone will be presently surprised.

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