Kentucky, You Should Go, the Magic is Real!

Posted in 2010 Games, World Equestrian Games at 10:45 pm by Thomas

Ok, I am hopeful that everyone isn’t getting tired of me talking about the Games, if you are you only have a couple more weeks and then I won’t talk about it for a month or two :-}.  What I wanted to say though, and this is mainly for my Kentucky friends, is that if you haven’t decided whether to go or not, let me ask you to trust me when I say you should go.  I won’t say that this is a once in a lifetime experience because I plan on seeing the Games come back to Kentucky one day, but the earliest that they would likely be back would be 2026.  You don’t have to buy a competition ticket, just get you a day pass, but I promise you there is a real magic with these Games that you will understand if you go.  Anyone who would want to go on Tuesday the 28th, I have a few Grounds Passes that I could let go for what I paid($20) for them, just send me a message.

For all my friends and family who continue to support me even though I know some of you think me crazy for all the time and effort I have spent on this over the last 4 1/2 years, thank you.

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