Volunteer Update: Venue Specific Training

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The Venue Specific training was held in 2 sessions yesterday for all those that could attend I believe we found it to be extremely useful.  One of the key lessons was a video by Chris Young on Protocol, basically a top 10 list of do’s’ and don’t in dealing with an International public.  A lot of his points could/should be commonsense but we can always use a refresher course on that from time to time.  All and all it was a great experience, and for those of you who are still on the fence on volunteering, their is still time for you.

The pace is picking up and with only 26 days to go it only going to get quicker.  Jamie Link pointed out that ticket sales are picking up, which isn’t really a surprise, at this point the expectations is somewhere in the 200 – 300,000 spectator range which would be about the perfect size for this event in my opinion.

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