Its Hot in the City & Cool to be a Volunteer!

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Attended my Volunteer Training Initiation tonight and if you didn’t guess from the title it went very well.  Tonights meeting was conducted by ESCO Security Consulting , which is managing the security operations for the Games, as a meet and greet for them to interview the volunteers.  ESCO’s staff was very professional and left me with a very good feeling when it comes to the security operations for the Games.  The magic I often speak of in relation to the Games was certainly present in the room both among the volunteers and the staff which for me is a great environment to be in.  I have given an initial commitment of 10 days, possibly 11 maybe 12 if need be because I do believe I can make a difference during these Games as I believe I have made a difference in how these Games go off.  There are still volunteer opportunities available for the Games and certainly for anyone who maybe still on the fence, and I know you are out there, I would ask that you consider stepping down off that fence especially if you are a Kentuckian.  I know the negative publicity that is out there about the Games, but I can say with certainty that the true legacy that these Games leave behind after October 1oth will be long lasting and will not be defined by the revenue generated during that short 16 day period.

Proud to be a Kentuckian,

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas Paul Demond

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