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Going to take some time over the next couple of weeks prior to the Games to talk about some other attractions to see for people coming to our Wonderful Commonwealth for the first time.  Today I am going to talk about the Louisville Zoo which is easy to do because we spent the day there.  We try to go at least once, usually at the same time we are in Louisville for the Kentucky State Fair, I wish the Games had been earlier so that those coming could of had the opportunity to visit our Fair which is one of the largest in the World but I digress.

I do not know exactly how the Louisville Zoo ranks with other zoos around the world, but we had a thoroughly enjoyable day there.  The zoo just opened a new habitat for the seals and sea lions as part of the build out of their new Glacier Bay area which will be fully opened by next Spring and will house the new Polar Bear habitat which looks pretty cool (no pun intended) from what has been completed up to this point.   The zoo also had the good fortune of having a baby Giraffe born this year and he is a site to see.

Another new exhibit this year is a Dinosaur walk which I recommend, though it is an additional $5 per person for non zoo members but I think its worth it.  The exhibit is 16 life size robotic Dinosaurs in a very natural setting that may cause you to pause before you walk up closer to them to be sure you haven’t been transported back in time.

The zoo is less then an hour and a half drive from Lexington via I-64 and for all the latest information and exact directions check out their website at http://www.louisvillezoo.org/ .

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