Purina’s Live From Lexington Update – Everything Happens for a Reason

Posted in Updates at 11:08 pm by Thomas

Well we have heard through the grape vine that Purina has chosen the four semi-finalist for the Live from Lexington Blog-O-Spondent contest and afraid yours truly was not among them. I am not too disappointed, I would have really enjoyed being Purina’s Blog-O-Spondent but I have been spreading myself very thin this last year and so to have taken this on may have been a bit much. I do believe “Everything Happens for a Reason”, so I may have missed out on this opportunity but there will be others.

So here is the list as I have been told though Purina still hasn’t officially released the results.

  • Sheri Israel
  • Nina Ackerly
  • Kristine Oakhurst
  • Erin Gallagher

Of these four only one was on my original list and that was Sheri Israel, aka Dressage Mom . Sheri made my list because I liked the way she came across in her video and she has been doing her blog for the last four years which takes a level of commitment that I can so attest to and so she will be getting my first vote. The contest is actually for two Blog-O-Spondents so I will have see what the other three do on their blogs each day and cast my vote on that basis.

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