3rd Annual John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption (Job) Fair Report

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The 3rd Annual John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption Fair at the Kentucky Horse Park continues to be a wonderful event showcasing all the hard work a number of organizations are doing to help find new homes for the many horses that have fallen on hard times.  It always surprises me to see some of the horses that are shown that are exceptional horses but in these economic hard times they just can’t find work.  Yes, that may sound a little funny to state their situation that way, but horses are like people, well 96% of people, they like to have a job and to feel productive.  I know some people want to believe that all a horse wants to do is stand around in a pasture all day eating grass, but horses, maybe only second to dogs really do better when they have a purpose. So an adoption fair could be considered a job fair for horses.

Governor General

Governor General over a jump during his workout.

A prime example of that was Governor General, a six(6) year old 16.2 hand Thoroughbred gelding in the care of Second Stride .  He was a very nice mover and showed enthusiasm for what he was doing while at the same time being well mannered while waiting his turn in the ring.

I have been a volunteer for all three of these adoption fairs so far and think so much of what is being done through these that I have made it a mission to volunteer for every future John Henry Adoption Fair for as long as I live.

It is one of the things I tell people when I speak to them about volunteering.  Find a volunteer opportunity that you enjoy and makes you feel good inside, don’t just volunteer for something for the sake of volunteering.  There are too many opportunities around for you to have to do that.  A lot of people work in jobs they hate because they need a paycheck, when you volunteer it is all just about doing something that you gives you joy in just the doing.  When you find that, you will have found something that no one else can take from you.


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