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I wanted to get the word out that the situation for volunteering looks to have greatly improved.  I had my phone interview last weekend and that was very informative and painless.  The first question that you are asked is if you will be able to commit to doing 6 shifts and a shift can be up to 8 hours in length.  I suspect that for some this is going to be a bit of a surprise and maybe more then you were looking to give.

I will make a personal request to those that maybe would say no because of that, to consider just how important of an event this is and how much your participation as a volunteer will matter.  I promise you that being able to say you were a part of the first Games in Kentucky will stick with you forever.  I am going to go a bit further and say, if you are able, be willing to do 2 extra shifts, you certainly do not have to say that during your phone interview, but keep it in the back of your mind when you are making your plans.  I think a lot of you will probably think I am a little crazy for making that suggestion now, but I think once you are actually a volunteer at the Games, the experience will be such that you might do an extra day or two even without me having suggested it.

The success of these Games, no matter the number of people that come is going to be all about the experience those people have.  The jobs that the volunteers do and their interactions with everyone in attendance will be one of the keys in that experience.

For those of you looking to volunteer, or for those that have signed up in the past but haven’t heard anything, please register at the World Equestrian Games Shiftboard Registration .

As a Kentucky Colonel and citizen of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, let me say that your support of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (Kentucky World Equestrian Games) is greatly appreciated and admired.

Ky. Colonel Thomas P. Demond
Founder KyWEGO

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