The Legacy of the World Equestrian Games to Kentucky

Posted in 2010 Games, World Equestrian Games at 11:02 pm by Thomas

As I watch the Closing Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, I think about the impact the Olympics have on the World and on the host city, I think about the Closing Ceremonies of  the World Equestrian Games and the Legacy that will remain after-wards.  I know many people probably think the most important outcome of the Alltech FEI 2010 World Equestrian Games will be the revenue generated or the new infrastructure, but the real lasting impact will be the relationships built between Kentuckians and those in attendance at the Games.  I think of all the people I am likely to meet prior to and during the Games and the new friendships that I will make and my excitement and pride at being a Kentuckian and being a part of these Games is inescapable.  So let me tone it down a little so that I may impress upon those of you with more normal excitement levels for the Games and for those of you who are not too excited about the Games to get you to think about that last day of these Games and what you might feel at that moment.  I know we are all extremely busy in our day to day lives, but take just a moment to let yourself imagine watching the Closing Ceremonies of the Games and what you are going to feel as a Kentuckian, as an American or simply as a human being.  I risk not to say, I think what you will feel will all be good, even if there is some sadness with it coming to an end, it will be sadness at having to say goodbye to some new friends.  That is the Legacy of the World Equestrian Games to Kentucky, the friendships that it has the potential to bring to our lives.

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