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This year’s Knott County Fall Trail Ride attracted over 10,000 people and 7,000 horses.  The event has now grown into one of the largest equestrian events in the state!   People spent on average $234.22 in the area creating an economic impact on the region of somewhere between $2.3 million and $2.8 million dollars. 

Knott County Fall Trail Ride 2009

Knott County Fall Trail Ride 2009

Located in the heart of Elk Country, the Trail Ride started out three years ago as a three day event.   But this year, campers and trailers started pouring in the Sunday before and stayed all week.  By Tuesday morning, three days prior to the event even starting, there were over 400 campers already set up.   “This is no longer a weekend event”, says Knott County Judge Executive Randy Thompson.   “People from all over the U.S. are taking a week’s vacation to ride the mountain trails of east Kentucky”.   Riders came from 17 different states including Michigan, Connecticut and Texas.*  

Many people come up early to ride the trails.  Others come just to hear the elk bugle.  “With over 11,000 elk roaming free in the eastern coalfields of Kentucky, it is an amazing experience  and the landscape is absolutely breathtaking”, says one camper from South Carolina.   

The event has grown so much that last year the campsite was relocated to a large coal reclamation site on a portion of land owned by Western Pocahontas Land Company and International Coal Group.   “With over 50,000 acres in which to camp and develop trails, there is always room for more” says Judge Thompson.  

The Knott County Trail Ride takes place twice a year with a ride in both Spring and Fall.  

Details and hundreds of photos can be found at knottcountyadventure.com 

     *This year’s Fall Ride attracted riders from Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Arizona,   Michigan, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Connecticut, Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina and, of course, Kentucky.   

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