Kentucky Horse Park: Indoor Arena Update

Posted in Kentucky Horse Park at 7:35 pm by Thomas

The new Indoor Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park was dedicated on July 15th of this year but I just finally got a chance on Friday after the one year countdown Celebration to check it out. 

The Sport Horse National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show was going on this week so the ring was setup for that.  One of the neat things about the new arena is that when you walk in you are on the upper level already, so access to seating and that is pretty easy.  Everything for the most part is on that same level, vendors, food and restrooms.  

There were no horses showing at the time I was there so I didn’t take a seat but I did stop at a few points that overlooked the ring and the view was good and the overall atmosphere to me felt very good.  As the year goes on I am planning on finding people who have shown there to get their take on what it is like to show in there.  The major work left to be done is the surronding grounds but that should progress quickly once the park is done with shows next month.

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