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I attended the second World Games 2010 Foundation Community Forum at the Lexington Public Library today.  Tom Martin, editor of Business Lexington was the moderator for the hour long event.  The forum panel was made up of new Foundation CEO Jamie Link, Vice President of Sales Terry Johnson, and Housing Bureau Director Krista Greathouse.

The primary topic of the day was the economy though by the end of the hour a wide range of subjects had been discussed.  Tom noted that the Foundation and the Local Government were still working out the intricacies between the two bodies.  The Host City Agreement is before the Lexington Urban Council but has yet to come up for a final vote.

Currently spectator interest in the Games continues to be high with Krista  stating that they are averaging a new group a week contacting them for accommodations, with 75% of those groups being International as well as 2000 new room requests per month.  Krista also noted that the area should have plenty of accommodations for all those planning on attending and that currently they had three times as many private residences for rent then the current demand though she expected that to change as the date for the Games got closer.

On the other side of the equation, Terry stated they were 70% of their budgeted goal for sponsorships  and that two or three new major sponsors would be announced in the next 90 days.  He also reported that they have deposits for 60% of the currently designated Trade Fair booth space and that if they filled that up that they would find additional space for anyone else looking for booth space during the Games.

On another interesting note, the City is planning on having a duplicate medal ceremonies downtown at the Robert F. Stephens Courthouse Plaza during the Games.

CEO Jamie Link closed the forum by addressing the issue of the economy and how the investment in the Games was an investment in the future of Kentucky during these tough times.

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