Celebrate Labor, 753 Days to Go. Just Do It!

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Happy Labor Day, you don’t probably here that often.  Labor Day is the last hurrah of the Summer and so its understandable that the idea of celebrating Labor not something we think about.  I won’t even step into the conversation of Labor = Job.  No I want to talk about the concept of Doing, of applying human mental and physical force to a task at hand and getting it accomplished, that is my broad definition of Labor.  That can be a Labor of Love or a Labor of Need, but ultimately Doing something is at the core of us as humans, pretty much because it is at the core of survival. 

So today I want to Celebrate Labor, a Labor of Love, my Labor of promoting the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010, and pursuing a goal of seeing some form of the Kentucky World Equestrian Games continue past 2010 and of seeing Kentucky’s involvement in hosting a Summer Olympic Games sometime in the future, if not in my lifetime then in my son’s. 

I prefess that these are honorable goals and I seek your support and Labor in seeing that we accomplish those goals for the benefit of all.

Thomas Demond
Kentucky World Equestrian Games .ORG

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