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Charlie Pearl had a good article in the Frankfort State Journal last week talking about how Frankfort was gearing up for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.  He pointed out that Joe Jeffries, executive director of the Frankfort/Franklin County Tourist Commission said, “I am not sure Kentucky fully realizes yet that the world is coming here,” and “We are all going to look really or we’re going to blow it, and Frankfort is not going to blow it.”  These are of course key statements that I couldn’t agree with more, and another statement that he made was that this was a regional effort and that Lexington couldn’t shoulder the effort on its own. 

Now of course I have been saying this for more then 2 years but of course I don’t yet have the stage from which to get that message out the way politicians and those in City Governments and Tourism do, mine is still a grass roots effort.  So when I see someone getting the importance of the Games and putting it out there for everyone to read I am going to let everyone know. 

Now of course everyone at the World Games Foundation gets it and they are beating the drums to get the word out but many people in the state do not feel a connection to the Foundation the way they do with their City governments and organizations.  So I keep working to get the word out to people to talk to their elected leaders and City/County management to see let them know how important this is. 

So here is the link to this article,

City plans to show off hospitality

send this article to anyone you know in these positions so that they see how important the City of Frankfort considers the Games to be.

As always thanks for your support.

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