The drama continues!

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So it seems that if the Governor calls a Special Session of the Kentucky Legislation this summer that it could be for who knows what and may or may not include the request for additional funding for the Horse Park. The Governor did appropriate the funds so that the engineering studies could begin this year which was an absolute necessity for the success of the Games. The need now is to have the money available to begin the construction as early as possible next year and there seems to be some question that the next regular Legislative session isn’t soon enough to guarantee that. Keep in mind no major construction can really happen until after next year’s Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event, but any major construction firm is probably going to need at least 30 days advance notice to put the logistics together to start getting equipment out to the Horse Park and I am sure most are going to say 90 days for a practical matter as a true start date to cover themselves when it comes to meeting deadlines.

So the question remains, will the major construction have started at the Horse Park 1 year from today, I give that a 60/40 chance because I am always the optimistic realist and at this point we have had to accept the reality that the citizens of Kentucky seem to have very little real power in moving politicians to get the people’s business done.

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