2007 State of the Commonwealth Address – WEG

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Governor Fletcher’s State of the Commonwealth Address was some 29 pages long. In the portion dealing with the World Equestrian Games the Governor made some key points but still seems to be not driving home just what these Games will mean for the Commonwealth. He made the point of saying again that after they went to Aachen they realized they had more work to do. Now one thing to keep in mind, the Germans do a suburb job of planning and hosting such events and may be near the best in the world at it. So with Kentucky being next in line, the bar has been set high, but the Germans have clearly shown us the mark we have to beat.

Of course the real point of his remarks was to ask for an additional $38 million to be allocated this year because the concern is that if they wait until the 2008 Legislative Session there will not be enough time to complete everything. That is a legitimate concern, but I think the Governor would of been better served talking about the importance of the Games to the Commonwealth of Kentucky because that is the bigger problem. Which of course explains why a number of Law Makers came out and said there was no way his request would even be heard this year, as they said, this isn’t a budgetary session. More importantly its an election year and the Governor is not likely to get that money because he asked for it in a public forum.

The full speech can be had here.

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