Quick Update: May

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We have been busy watching a lot of events and the impacts they will have on the games. as well as busy building a foundation on which to base our participation and role in the games.

So here are the quick headlines of some of the significant issues that might impact the games. The cost of crude has doubled the cost of asphalt over last years prices, this is going to add greatly to the cost of the road projects deemed absolute necessities for the games.

At the other end of the spectrum Governor Fletcher has been indicted in the on going hiring practices probe. And though the expectation is that the Democrats will not try to impeach him because the 2007 election is so close and they figure it better to take on a wounded incumbent as opposed to some unknown challenger at this point.

The real question will be what happens to Jim Host if Governor Fletcher looses his re-election bid next year. That would mean a new Democratic Governor would be taking over in January of 2008 and Jim Host is not well liked by the Democrats at all and the expectation would be that he would be replaced. For the moment I will leave the ramifications of that for a later discussion because there is still some real question as to whether the ramifications would be negative or positive.

We will follow up soon with how are plans are progressing and on more details on all that is already occurring in the race to get ready for the games.

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