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Currently we are investigating the formalization of a Citizen’s Action Group (CAG). The concern that has been raised is with the pledging of $33.4 million to build a new 6000 seat areana as well as a 300 room hotel at the Kentucky Horse Park in order to land the games. Much has been made of this number as a detailed accounting of how that number was arrived at has not been seen. Much of the worry also has to do with the fact that there is a Govenor’s election in 2007 and what happens if there is a change in administrations.

Most expectations at this moment are that this number will easily grow to $39 million just based on political under inflation. I still feel that for what is likely to be gained from such an opportunity is worth the cost and the fact that the cost is likely to be higher then what is now being reported is the norm for such projects and thus should not be seen as any kind of intentional oversite by our politicians. With that said, a CAG would provide a level of public oversite that would make the process much more transparent and would lend added public support to this undertaking.

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