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I am not sure amazing is the word I want to use to describe the thought that’s it’s been 10 years since the close of the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games that we all so affectionately called the Games and were so proud of. Ten years really isn’t such a long time, we actually had 5 years before that to prepare for the Games and we thought that was a lifetime to wait. What probably is amazing is how much my memory of the Games remains with me. The Games lasted 16 days, I was there 14 of those days, 12 as a volunteer so I really got the opportunity to be immersed in them. My security badge still hangs here by my desk as a reminder, Lyle Lovett was gracious enough to sign it after his concert closing night. I will always feel sentimental about those Games, and I still hold onto the hope that one day we can bring them back to Kentucky. I realize some of you will say that is probably a long shot, and I would agree, but sometimes long shots are the best kind.

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas Paul Demond


September 26th, 2020 Ten Years On.

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Day 2.

My first day of volunteering was at the main gate leading one of the many teams there overseeing the pedestrian traffic into the park. The weather was about the same as what we are expecting over the next couple of days, but certainly cooler than today. It was certainly a great opening day for the Games and for my experience.


Authentic Wins 146th Kentucky Derby

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It was certainly a surreal day at Churchill Downs today for the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby. The weather could not have been better and the track was certainly fast so maybe its appropriate that Authentic, ridden by John Velazquez at 8 to 1 odds won the race convincingly in a time of 2 minutes 0.61 seconds over Tiz The Law.

It marks trainer Bob Baffert’s 6th Derby win though the day wasn’t without incident for him with one of his other horses, Thousand Words scratched after he reared up and went over backward in the paddock stalled and hit his head which is an automatic scratch by track vets. Then after the race, while they were putting the Roses on Authentic he spun and knocked Bob Baffert to the ground, but it is 2020 what can you expect.


Is rained-on hay any good?

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A lot of hay has been cut in recent weeks. The weather was good, but not perfect, as Kentucky weather is notoriously unpredictable. If you got some rain during haymaking, you are not alone. What happens to quality for rained-on hay?
The majority of the damage from untimely rains is the loss of soluble nutrients from the hay (the sugars). Even before rain damage, we lose some sugar during plant respiration that occurs from the time forage is cut until it reaches about 50% moisture content. Rainfall will extend the length of time that the hay is wetter than 50% moisture, leading to more loss of sugars from respiration.

Click here to read the whole article from the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


2020 Second Act

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The last three months have really been about figuring out what the new normal is and finding some semblance of solid ground from which to build. Some may say it is too soon to say we know what the new norm will look like, and I will agree I think it will be this time next year before we are sure what that looks like but I at least feel realistic in my belief that we can get it figured out.

Now, what does that mean in regards to something like the World Equestrian Games, as we have known for some time there was no expectation that we would see them in their same format as we did in Lexington in 2010, amazing how much difference the span of 10 years has made! With the economic fall out from the Covid Pandemic I would expect all horse events to feel significant negative impacts for upwards of the next 10 years. So the notion that anyone would broach the idea of trying to reconstitute an event on the scale of the 2010 World Equestrian Games before sometime after 2032 seems unrealistic.

In many peoples minds then, the World Equestrian Games are something in the past, never to be seen again, same was said about many things in human history but as long as a spark of an idea survives it can always be rekindled. I for one will continue to keep that spark alive because I will always believe in the power of the horse to prevail and to unite humankind in a way that is an in-explainable as it is wondrous for as Winston Churchill has been credited with saying, “There is something about the outside of a Horse that is good for the inside of man” and I for one very much believe that.

In closing I will say that I keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers and wish the best for everyone in these trying times. Please take care of yourselves and all your furry family members as well.


Kentucky Colonel
Thomas P. Demond


Official Statement from Tryon Resort

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Mill Spring, NC – March 25, 2020 – In response to the Governor of North Carolina’s mandate on Monday, March 23 to cancel events with 50 or more people through May 15, 2020, Tryon Resort and Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) are canceling additional events and competitions. The complete list of canceled events includes:
Tryon Welcome Series – March 19-April 12Tryon Spring 1 and 2 – April 29-May 10Tryon Spring Dressage 1 and 2 – April 16-19 and May 2-3The Katydid CDE at TIEC – April 23-26Comedy Night – April 3Easter Brunch –  April 12 (available for carryout only)
Layover stalls and onsite lodging are available by contacting lodging@tryon.com or stabling@tryon.com or by calling 828.863.1015.
Decisions about future competitions and events will be made as new information becomes available. Please visit our website for the latest updates related to our venue:https://bit.ly/39OiSup
Sharon Allred DeckerCOO, Tryon Equestrian PartnersCarolinas Operations


Congratulations to Jennifer Gates on her engagement.

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I am not one to usually post celebrity news but in this case, I find this worth posting. Jennifer Gates, daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates is engaged to Nayel Nassar, an Egyptian show jumper who will by representing Egypt this summer in the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Of course, Jennifer is an accomplished equestrian in her own regards and is President of Evergate Stables, and has been riding since she was 6.

Jennifer Gates


World Equestrian Games Decade: Happy New Year 2020

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A decade ago at the close of 2009, the plans were well underway for the 2010 World Equestrian Games here in Lexington, Kentucky. The Aachen Games of 2006, four years prior had been considered a success and so there was much optimism for the success of our Games. Almost ten years later I would say our optimism was well placed in that the investments that were made ten plus years ago continue to pay off and certainly strengthened Lexington’s Horse Capital of the World mantra and so the future for Lexington continues to look bright. The Games in 2014 and 2018 were fraught with a number of issues with the Games at Tryon even being besieged by the remnants of a Hurricane.

Now as we close out 2019 though, the future for the World Equestrian Games is not so bright. For all practical purposes, the Games no longer exist in their single venue form. Now the individual championships are held in separate locations at different times which is simpler to do but takes away some of the grandness of the World Equestrian Games format. This tends to diminish the level of general media attention Equestrian sports get overall but is probably healthier for the individual sports because WEG was starting to suffer from the same sort of bloat that the Olympics are known for.

My hope is that one day, probably 20 years in the future we will bring back the full World Equestrian Games to the Kentucky Horse Park for at least one more go because I do think it is a worthwhile endeavor.

In the near term, I want to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year for 2020, may this new decade bring you great happiness and joy in all your endeavors, equestrian and otherwise.

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas P. Demond


Handling The Heat: A Hot Topic At KENA Dinner

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Lexington, KY (September 23, 2019) -A diverse group of equine enthusiasts escaped the high temperatures in Lexington, KY, for an air-conditioned evening attending the summer session of the Kentucky Equine Networking Meeting (KENA). Presented by the Kentucky Horse Council and held at The Red Mile Clubhouse, a panel of horse-care experts gathered to discuss a topic that has been at the forefront of many horse owner’s minds this summer: How to help their horses cope with the oppressive heat and humidity in Central Kentucky.

Get the rest of the story @ https://kentuckyhorse.org/news/7894358


Flying Drones in Kentucky

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Kentucky Farm Bureau put out a quick little article on flying drones in Kentucky both for recreation and commercially. The article can be found here . If you are interested in learning to fly a drone or even go as far as get your Commercial Drone license check out the AbitaDrone Learning Zone . At our sister site KyWEGO check out the drone services we offer, everything from aerial videography and inspections to wildlife and livestock analysis.



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Lexington, KY (July 17, 2019) – The Kentucky Horse Council announces Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training to be held at the Kentucky Horse Park from September 20-22, 2019. The LAER training will be taught by 4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC and instructors Justin and Tori McLeod. Both instructors have extensive experience with equine and livestock as well as working as emergency responders. They also operate the North Carolina Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team as well as being instructors in technical large animal emergency rescue. The course is geared towards veterinarians, first responders and emergency personnel as well as animal control officers and any horse owner or industry professional. The course will cover subject matter from animal behavior, safety considerations, restraints, containment, entrapments, motor vehicle accidents and overturned trailers, barn and wildfires, unstable ground, water rescues, and natural disaster preparation and response.   Specialized instruction will be given to participants based on their background and auditors are welcome.
“We are excited to be offering this training again this year,” said Katy Ross, Kentucky Horse Council Executive Director. “There is a real need for Large Animal Emergency Rescue training in this part of the country. It is an excellent opportunity for veterinarians, volunteers and first responders to receive in-depth, technical training for situations that unfortunately arise too frequently. Last year we had a full training with 35 participants ranging from mounted police officers to firemen to veterinarians. These three groups really learned how to work together to best handle emergency situations. We look forward to providing this training to a great group again this year!”
Continuing education credits for veterinarians are approved. This course is being sponsored by the Kentucky Veterinary Medical AssociationLexington Equine MedicalRood & Riddle Equine Hospital and the Kentucky Horse Park. More sponsors are being accepted at this time.
For more information, to register for the class, or for partnership and sponsorship opportunities, visit www.kentuckyhorse.org, or contact the Kentucky Horse Council at 859-367-0509.


Military Tribute

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My company, AbitaNet® Corporation is sponsoring a Military Tribute on @Hometownliveradio July 1st – the 7th for all those serving at home and abroad on this Holiday that celebrates our Independence and all the sacrifices that have been made over the last two centuries to keep us free.

Check out AbitaNet® Corporation at our website https://www.abitanet.us or on facebook .


Townend Repeats at Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event presented by MARS EQUESTRIAN

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Lexington, Ky., April 28, 2019-It came down to the last jump, but Great Britain’s Oliver Townend successfully defended his title of champion at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event presented by MARS EQUESTRIAN by putting in a perfect performance in the show jumping with Cooley Master Class to finish on a score of 25.3.

Great Britain’s Oliver Townend and Cooley Master Class defended their title at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event presented by MARS EQUESTRIAN.  Mackenzie Clark for Red Bay Photo


And the new LRK3DE presenting sponsor is …

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Equestrian Events, Inc. welcomes MARS EQUESTRIAN, a division of MARS INCORPORATED, as the new Presenting Sponsor of the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event — a role that will continue through the 2021 event. The company is also the presenting sponsor of the
Land Rover/USEF CCI5*-L Eventing National Championship presented by

“Having MARS EQUESTRIAN join as the presenting sponsor of the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event is not only exciting for us, but for the sport overall,” said Stewart Perry, president of Equestrian Events, Inc. (EEI), organizer of the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event. “MARS is stepping up for three-day eventing and we are grateful they will be a part of this event through 2021.” 


Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event

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Advanced ticket prices end at midnight this Friday, March 1, and we hope you’ll be joining everyone for the Best Weekend All Year, April 25-28, at the gorgeous Kentucky Horse Park!

Get your tickets now to the 2019 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event for the best availability at the best prices. 
Ticket options and extras to consider to customize your Best Weekend:
?3-day and 4-day Ground Admission bundlesGlamping Tailgating on Saturday for Cross-Country (Yes, there are a few spaces left!)Hospitality options for all four days (The best views in the house!)Grand Prix tickets for Saturday after Cross-CountryDiscounted advance-purchase programs Headsets for Dressage and Jumping commentaryPreferred Parking
Buy Tickets


Earn a FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification

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Are you interested in earning your FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification, aka Commercial Drone License. I have created a set of 6 courses I used to pass(95%) my re-certification exam in November. These courses are very comprehensive and I will continue to update them with new material. The first course is free and its a set of preview test cases for all 5 sections of the exam. The other 5 courses are currently $28 each which is $21 off their list price.Sign up

Kentucky Colonel
Thomas P. Demond

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